My name is Wilson (Willy D.) Rumisha. I'm the founder of Film In TanZania (FITZ), a company in the Film & Media Production industry. I am of Tanzanian nationality and reside in Dar Es Salaam.

Our business, Film In TanZania (FITZ), aspires to be the preferred production company for international entities and individuals seeking to shoot various productions, including feature films, commercials, impactful documentaries, and more in Tanzania and/or Zanzibar. We adhere to internationally recognized standards of professionalism and service quality, understanding the complex procedures involved, from obtaining film permits to navigating customs bond payments. We stay continually updated to ensure a seamless production process for our clients. Our motto is simple: "We Handle the Headache, You Create!"

The inspiration for this venture came from my daughter. The impending arrival of a baby, coupled with the realization that my regular employment might not suffice, motivated me to take flight. Before the disruptions caused by Covid, I worked as a freelance film fixer and film production manager. The services our company planned to offer were already in practice, with skills and experience readily available. The next logical step was to consolidate everything into a single package, which gave birth to Film In TanZania.

What distinguishes us from competitors in the industry is our firm focus on international clientele. We provide services at an internationally recognized level, going above and beyond to ensure the success of our clients' productions. We are proud to consistently hear the words, "It's a Wrap!"

A key challenge has been maintaining a steady flow of business. We are now exploring opportunities closer to us geographically.

Our long-term vision for the business is to become the foremost production company for top-tier international production houses, organizations, and individuals producing in Tanzania and/or Zanzibar. Our strategy is simple: keep hustling and intensify our efforts each year.

To aspiring entrepreneurs and those looking to start their own business, I offer this advice: Be wise, think long-term, take calculated risks, have contingency plans, eliminate procrastination, harness inspiration as a driving force, and when you succeed, remain humble.