Bringing Albania and Egypt Closer

Telecom Egypt, in collaboration with Hungarian IT solutions provider 4iG, has finalized an agreement to construct an express subsea cable linking Albania to Egypt. This groundbreaking initiative marks a significant milestone in enhancing connectivity between the two nations and beyond.

A Joint Venture Takes Shape

Following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in October 2023, Telecom Egypt and 4iG embarked on a joint venture to realize the vision of an intercontinental subsea cable. The agreement, signed by Gellért Jászai, Chairman of 4iG, and Mohamed Nasr Eldi, Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt, solidifies their commitment to this ambitious project.

The express subsea cable will traverse the Red Sea, establishing a robust high-capacity connection from Africa and Asia to Europe via Egypt and Albania. This strategic route unlocks unprecedented opportunities for seamless telecommunications transmission and bolsters connectivity across continents.

Expanding Mediterranean Routes

In addition to linking Albania and Egypt, the subsea cable contributes to the diversification of Mediterranean routes. By enhancing connectivity between Egypt, Italy, and France, the cable strengthens existing telecommunications infrastructure and lays the groundwork for future expansions into Libya, Cyprus, and Greece.

The cable's integration with existing subsea networks facilitates seamless connectivity to Asia and Africa via the Red Sea, extending its reach into Eastern and Central Europe, the Balkans, and beyond. Albania's access to Frankfurt and other key European hubs amplifies its role as a gateway to global connectivity.

Building on Past Successes

Telecom Egypt's track record in spearheading similar initiatives underscores its commitment to driving innovation and connectivity. Recent collaborations with Aqaba Digital Hub and NaiTel, as well as Zain Omantel International (ZOI), demonstrate a relentless pursuit of building infrastructure to bridge regional and global networks.

With Egypt emerging as a pivotal hub for international data traffic, the country's strategic positioning is further solidified by initiatives like the subsea cable project. The deployment of 5G technology, coupled with extensive subsea cable networks, cements Egypt's status as a leader in the digital landscape.

Pioneering the Future of Connectivity

As Telecom Egypt secures a 15-year licence for 5G operation, the company charts a course towards pioneering the future of connectivity in the region. With an extensive network of international subsea cables and ongoing infrastructure development, Telecom Egypt is poised to capture a significant share of the data traffic market between Asia, East Africa, and Europe.

Driving Economic Growth and Innovation

The collaboration between Telecom Egypt and 4iG not only enhances connectivity but also drives economic growth and innovation. By facilitating seamless data transmission and access to emerging markets, the subsea cable project lays a foundation for sustainable development and prosperity across regions.