What is Founders 101 Beauty

An overview

Founders 101 beauty is a one month entrepreneurship program that can help you start your beauty business in just one month. This is not a theory program, course, training or anything they teach you in business school. This is a one of its kind program whose result is an actual business started in just one month. It will help you carefully think through every step of your beauty business/company so you can prepare for success. It will help you discover any weaknesses in your beauty business idea, identify opportunities you may not have considered, and plan how you will deal with challenges that are likely to arise. It comes with a free workbook which will guide you in coming up with your beauty business plan. A well-written beauty business plan can help convince investors or lenders to finance your beauty business.

Start your beauty business today?

You have the skill, let us help

you structure it as a business

After our one month program


After finishing Founders 101 beauty in one month, you will have set the foundation and started your beauty business. Among the measurable is that you will have a registered beauty business/company, you will have a well developed business plan, you will have the necessary branding you need e.g a logo, business cards, letterhead and website, mentorship and great networks. You will also have an opportunity to shadow Suzie Wokabi for one month to see how a beauty company operates from product development to sales at Suzie Beauty.

Beauty business plan
An expert will help you Create and refine your business plan which you will later use to raise capital for your beauty business
Our branding team will help create for you the necessary branding materials like a logo, a website, business cards, letterhead and also help you set up your business social media identity
Registered beauty business
Our business development experts will help you understand all the options you have for registering your own business and then help you register and obtain the registration certificate. They will also help you set up your payment models from bank accounts to Mobile Money
Great networks
Going through founders 101 beauty gives you access to networks not only in the beauty industry but also across the entrepreneurship space and media through our events a forums which you can use to grow your business
Here is just a bit of what is covered
  • Introduction and ideation
  • Understanding your market and industry
  • Marketing your product or service
  • Legal and Operations
  • Human resource management and operations
  • Accounting and record keeping
  • Financing
Start your beauty business today?

You have the skill, let us help

you structure it as a business



The beauty and cosmetics industry has become Kenya’s new hub of investment that is pulling in big money to establish new lines of business and to snap up successful enterprises through multi-million-shilling acquisition deals. Looking good never goes out of fashion. Even during tough economic times, it can be especially important to portray an image that keeps people engaged. This explains why there has been an increase in the middle class population that craves for new consumer and luxury goods.


Cosmetics play an important role in enhancing one’s inherent beauty and physical features. Men have also joined this industry with a number of products designed for them lately, which was not the case before. They are increasingly using cosmetics in their daily routine including various types of fragrances and deodorants. This growing demand for cosmetic products has, in turn, led to the growth of cosmetics market not only in Kenya but also across the world.

Increased growth of the beauty and personal care market in Kenya, combined with the fact that Kenya is recognized as the sales and distribution hub for the larger East African market, has attracted many international brands.


Improvement and change in the current lifestyles of individuals have been among the key factors to the major growth of the Kenya Beauty and cosmetics industry. Consumers have now become more conscious regarding the usage of cosmetics in their daily lives in an effort to step up their style and overall personality.
Clearly, this is a huge market where men and women splash on themselves to look good and smell nice. Major cosmetic companies in the country have been increasing their sales in emerging markets like Kenya, where the beauty industry is valued at over 100 billion shillings, as customers become more conscious about their looks and grooming.

This program is meant for entrepreneurs who are just starting out, need a refresher of the business basics or need to update or create a plan to use as a guide for running your business. Each meetup includes 40% expert advice, case studies, listening to founders that are already in the same industry followed by 60% of practical application.


Makeup artists


Salon/Spa Owner



Nail Professional


Massage Therapist


Kenya’s colour cosmetics market is estimated to be worth Sh5.4 billion and is expected to grow to Sh6.6 billion by 2018. This segment includes face products, eye makeup products, lip and nail products as well. Too bad the bigger share of this value, 60%, goes to foreign businesses through their production in here or distribution to retailers in Kenya.


KPMG estimates the Kenyan beauty and personal care products market to have been worth $260 million (Sh26 billion) in 2011, meaning it grew by double digits in five years to hit Sh100 billion in 2015.

Lintons, a beauty products retailer, which has signed a number of deals with international brands, says demand for high quality cosmetics is the magnet that is attracting world-class brands into the Kenyan market.


The list of high-end international brands that have set up shop in Kenyan malls includes MAC – which now has two stores –, Yves Saint Laurent, Clarins, Estée Lauder, Clinique, Black Up, Essie Nail cosmetics, Black Opal and Nimue, among others.
The KPMG report attributes growth in the segment to favorable demographic profile and strong economic growth. However, increased competition by brands has also given rise to a high number of counterfeits which poses health risks to women who use these substandard products.


  • Popular haircare and hair accessories brands

The Kenyan beauty and cosmetics market has also been fired up by Procter and Gamble’s (P&G) 2014 launch of a range of products targeting the mass market. It was that move which introduced the Camay brand of cosmetics in the Kenyan market, turning the heat on existing players such as Unilever, Cussons PZ and L’Oreal.


An International Relations degree holder, Suzie was trained by MAC Cosmetics and completed an intensive Media Make-up certificate course at the Award Studio Make-up School in Los Angeles. She worked in New York within the fashion and beauty industries from 2001 until 2007, when she returned to her hometown of Nairobi, Kenya. She pursued her passion and created her authentic, affordable, high-quality African beauty brand in early 2009 and officially launched it in December 2011.

Top make-up artist
She is considered to be one of the top make-up artists, whose extensive industry experience runs the full gamut from Print Media to Television, Film, Video, Commercials, Runway, and Bridal. She trains her team and mentees to run the artistry part of the business.To date, Suzie’s work has been featured in countless local glossy magazines.
The Face of African Beauty
She has graced the covers of local and international magazines, been featured in vibrant design and lifestyle hubs, worked on numerous media houses and productions, and sponsored major beauty and fashion events on the continent.

She has been interviewed by world-renowned journalists, featured in the New York Times, and dubbed by CNN as “The Face of African Beauty”.

Multiple award winner
A devoted wife and a mother, her story has been profiled on countless TV and radio stations on the continent. Suzie is also a multiple award winner, with 11 nominations and/or wins under her belt. She has been a speaker on multiple stages both locally and internationally, as well as moderated and participated on numerous panels on various thought-provoking topics.
Start your beauty business today?

You have the skill, let us help

you structure it as a business

This could be you


Some of the big names in the beauty industry include

Terry Mungai- Ashley’s Beauty

Rose Ntong’ondu – Make up by Rose

Huddah Monroe- Huddah Cosmetics

Susan Kaittany- Posh Palace

Joyce Gikunda – Lintons Beauty

Simple Ideas

What all this people have in common is that they took simple ideas and magnified them to be world class empires. Start today

Free workbook

Founders 101 beauty comes with a free workbook as an entrepreneurship material. A well written hardcover book for you at no extra cost.The beauty about this workbook is that it is so simple that you can DO IT YOURSELF without any instructor or a physical meet-up or training

Auto pilot

This workbook covers every single section of a business plan and includes instructions for each of those sections, followed by corresponding fillable worksheet/s. After you complete the 12 worksheets provided, you will have a working business plan for your startup.


Founders 101 workbook includes all of the business areas crucial to planning and running your beauty business. It incorporates not only the crucial areas, but helps you apply them to a business plan worksheets that you can then use as a roadmap for your business within the book.

Silver Package


  • One month training
  • A beauty business plan
  • Shadowing program
  • Founders 101 workbook
  • Business registration

Bronze Package


  • One month training
  • A beauty business plan
  • Shadowing program
  • Founders 101 workbook
  • Graduation
  • Business registration
  • Free beauty events
  • Great networks