Our mission is to recognise and award extraordinary young founders in Africa in different categories every year


Celebrate every young founder impacting our continent through entrepreneurship


FOYA exists to recognise and appreciate young founders developing our continent while creating jobs through entrepreneurship and also motivate the ones who have not to start their own businesses


  1. Only founders between 18-42 years can be admitted depending of the age requirement in each category
  2. Winners shall be determined by; PUBLIC VOTING 60% and EXECUTIVE SELECTION PANEL 40%
  3. Only founders of African origin can be admitted.
  4. Only founders with businesses that fall within the provided categories can be admitted.
  5. It is illegal to attempt to gain access to the backend of our systems or altering any information on our platform (hacking). If found, legal actions will be taken against you.
  6. You may nominate yourself or your friend in the submission phase.
  7. Founders nominated must own a business that has been existence for at least six months or more and has created employment opportunities for at least two people.
  8. The business must be registered with the Registrar of companies
  9. Founders involved in the awards organizing team, judges and sponsors will not be allowed in the competition.
  10. Founders that contravene the individual country Constitution, do business or link to any form of illegal conduct such as bribing anyone or  in any other way discriminatory will be automatically disqualified.
  11. To participate in the awards founders need only be submitted once. The number of times a founder is submitted to the contest does not influence his/her chances of advancing to the next round or his/her chances of winning.
  12. Founder of the Year Awards nominees will be decided by the selection panel who will be informed by the information provided during the submissions in all the categories.
  13. Any founder with a business that does not suit the category it was submitted in may be removed from the awards or placed in another category without consultation.
  14. Any submission or vote made outside of the allocated time frames will be discarded.
  15. The selection panels decision is final.
  16. The voting phase begins when the selection panel name the nominees in each of the categories.
  17. Voting is once per user per day. Proof of maliciously attempting to vote for or in accomplice with a nominee shall result to an investigation and there after disqualification of the nominee if found guilty
  18. FOYA will not be held accountable for any misleading information submitted and it may amount to legal action upon anyone that submits that information.
  19. This terms are subject to changes at any given time without prior notification

Kindly download our event profile below for more information concerning FOUNDER OF THE YEAR AWARDS.

#FOYA2020EA will take a little turn when it comes to the award process. Here is how everything will run;
1. Open submission for top 30 entrepreneurs in each category accross EA
2. The selection panel decides on the top 30 founders to make it to the list
3. The list is released to the public for voting in each category
4. The top 3 with the highest votes automaticall make it to #FOYA2020EA
5. The final 3 in each category then battle it out though voting to take the title
6. The winning formulae is 60% voting and 40% executive selection panel choice