Injini, Africa's pioneering ed-tech accelerator, in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation, has unveiled the second cohort of the Injini-Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship. This esteemed fellowship program is set to empower twelve innovative South African startups, providing them with a comprehensive support package to propel their impact in the education technology sector.

Injini: A Beacon of Educational Excellence

Established in 2017 under the UVU Africa Group, Injini stands as Africa's premier ed-tech accelerator. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing educational quality, accessibility, and relevance across Sub-Saharan Africa, Injini leverages its non-profit status to drive educational innovation through accelerator programs and pioneering research efforts.

The Injini-Mastercard Foundation Partnership

The inception of the EdTech Fellowship follows Injini's strategic partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, marking a significant milestone in their collective mission to foster educational transformation. This fellowship equips participating startups with a range of support services, including financial grants, product evaluations, mentorship, and access to market opportunities.

Tailored Support for Educational Innovators

The selected startups undergo a rigorous selection process, culminating in a tailored support program designed to enhance their educational innovation, fundraising capabilities, impact measurement, and commercial strategy. They receive specialized market research, mentorship from industry experts, and access to networking opportunities within the education technology ecosystem.

Diverse Cohort of Innovators

The second cohort of the Injini-Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship comprises a diverse array of startups, each addressing unique challenges within the education landscape. From online reading tutoring platforms to digital entrepreneurial ecosystems, these startups are poised to revolutionize education through technology-enabled solutions.

Driving Impact

Krista Davidson, Executive Director of Injini, underscores the organization's unwavering commitment, alongside the Mastercard Foundation, to empower the chosen fellows. Together, they aspire to scale the startups' ventures, amplify their impact, and drive substantive progress within South Africa's dynamic educational landscape.

Pioneering Educational Transformation

As South Africa grapples with multifaceted educational challenges, initiatives like the Injini-Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship serve as catalysts for change. By nurturing innovation and collaboration, these startups are poised to drive meaningful transformation and unlock new possibilities in education across the region.