My name is Michael Kiwo from Mombasa. I am the founder and CEO of Pollucare Cleaners, a cleaning company based in Mombasa which offers cleaning services to both residential and commercial buildings, waste collection and disposal, landscaping and gardening. The company also offers sofa and carpet cleaning,interior car cleaning,pest control and fumigation..

I was born and raised in Mombasa, where i attended Jomvu primay school and later on St. Charles Lwanga for my secondary school education. After finishing secondary school i joined Mombasa Aviation Training Institute where I did diploma in shipping management.

My father was a self-employed mechanic while my mother was a water vendor. Seeing my parents do business made me interested in having my own business venture. My love for hygiene and clean environment, is how the idea of pollucare cleaners was born. It was a great opportunity to create jobs for youths who were otherwise jobless or drug addicts.

I started by doing product and market research and on Jan 2017 I officially registered the company. Since then I have been slowly learning various aspects of business and entrepreneurship.

We are focused on providing hygienic services,environment conservation and offering job opportunity to youths who are school drop out and drug addicts.

What ignited the spark in you to start Pollucare Cleaners

There was a need to provide hygiene services in the community. Many people were experiencing health issues related to poor hygienic conditions from where they stay or work. There was also a need to conserve environment.

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The rate of unemployment in the country is still high, resulting in some youths engaging in drugs consumption. Pollucare cleaners offers employment opportunities to these youths, empowering and helping them build their lives again.

How different is your company from that of your competitors

At pollucare cleaners we use green cleaning products only since they are Eco friendly and have quality results, unlike out competitors who use hazardous chemicals.

Our staff are young, energetic and experienced, they have the knowledge of using modern machines and technology so as to provide quality services to our clients.

What have been some of your failures, and what have you learnt from them?

We have faced many challenges so far, most of them being competition, inadequate finances and lack of trust from our potential clients because we are new in the industry.

However our confidence and perseverance has made us to overcome the challenges. We are bold and when we are offered the opportunity by clients, we deliver beyond their expectations. This way, we are able to get more referrals from our previous clients.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone interested in venturing in this kind of business?

Avoid waiting for tomorrow, start today, star now, and never give up because every business has its own challenges, only overcoming them will make you successful.

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