Many young and budding authors and musical artists in Africa cannot afford to publish their creative works by paying for the publishing process. Their astonishing works remain undiscovered for years, and the talents of these exceptionally talented authors and artists are put to waste because they don’t have the money to pay for publishing.

And this startup wants to assume the heavy lifting involved in the process of creating beautiful works for free, while generating revenue for these writers and musicians.

Founded in 2017 by twin brothers, Chidi and Chika Nwaogu, Publiseer is a digital publishing platform that helps aspiring writers and independent musical artists from low-income families in Africa, get discovered and earn a living from their craft by publishing, distributing and monetizing their work across over 400 stores in 100 countries, at no charge. These stores include well-established platforms like Amazon, Google Play and Apple store.

Through their platform, any aspiring and talented writer or musician can submit their raw work and turn it into a professional masterpiece.

“Authors will get professional book covers, unique ISBN numbers, worldwide book distribution via online stores like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play Books, Apple iBooks while artists will have theirsongs distributed across online stores like Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, and Shazam, to mention few.” Says Chidi Nwaogu, Co-founder and CEO of Publiseer.

In addition, Publiseer also offers press release drafting and distribution, standard book formatting, and EPUB file conversion for easy distribution (books), free professional cover art, unique UPC number, press, and FLAC file conversion for easy distribution (music), at no cost.

By bringing publishing, design, and technology together in one place, Publiseer believes it is in the forefront of pioneering the much needed free digital publishing in a continent with a wealth of immense talent.

“Before Publiseer, African writers and musicians were forced to adopt western solutions like CDBaby and BookBaby, which charges extortionate fees to have their books or songs distributed worldwide. As such, many of these writers and musicians have very little money left to promote their works. Publiseer was created to offer them a more quality and personal solution at no charge. In return, we share in the revenue generated from the sales of their works.”

For every unit of any work (book or song) sold, Publiseer takes a percentage of the revenue. In addition, artists and authors intending to fast-track their publishing can pay a certain amount instead of waiting for 2 weeks for the long queue of submission straight to the front, and get their work published immediately.

Publiseer also offers ‘Premium Distribution Service’ where they charge an upfront fee for distribution of books and songs allowing authors and musical artists to keep 100 percent of their earnings.

To date, Publiseer has already generated over US$11,000 from more than 350 clients and released more than 130 books and 350 albums.

The Lagos based startup became the first African publishing company to join the International Publishing Distribution Association (IPDA), an international umbrella organization for companies in the field of publishing distribution.

 “Within the next 3-5 years, we intend to launch and test 3 new publishing packages, which will include ‘Publiseer for Music Videos’ where we will publish and monetize music videos of African musicians on music video hosting services like VEVO, Tidal, Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, and Noiseporn, for no charge, ‘Publiseer for Developers’ where we will publish and monetize the apps and add-ins of African software developers on Apple app store, Google Play store and Microsoft marketplaces and ‘Publiseer for Filmmakers’, where we will publish and monetize short films and feature films of African filmmakers on video-on-demand platforms like NetFlix, VUDU, Hulu and TubiTV.” Says Chidi Nwaogu.

In the quest to become the largest and most-preferred digital content distribution platform in the world Publiseer had the opportunity to participate and were named finalists in the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition. They were also admitted in the MIT Solve Global Challenges, a business incubator from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that advances solutions from tech entrepreneurs to address pressing global issues by connecting innovators with resources such as expertise, human capital, technology, and funding.

“I’ve learned that failure is success when you learn from it.” Notes Chidi Nwaogu, as his personal advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

To have your book or song published, you can check out their platform today.