“I am Mercy from Nairobi. I am selling shoes, handbags, clothes and phones online but I am yet to make profits. I have tried my best to sell them through my Facebook page, Twitter account and my blog but it seems people are not ready to buy them. The only option left is to give up and try something else.

Yesterday, I was to distribute the bags to my friends and family members for free but I said to myself, “why can’t I ask for answers online”, which is why I wrote to you to ask how to maneuver my way out of this trouble”.


Business needs strategy and only the strongest survive. Online business is tricky but rewarding if you employ the best strategy.The many entrepreneurs we have advised before,we inform them to use established brands to market their products.In Kenya,the most established brands are Jumia and Kilimall.For your information,most of the products listed on these companies websites are for small merchants like you .Since the two companies have superb brands, the products displayed on their websites  are easily sold.

Today,I can advise you to contact Jumia or Kilimall so that they can also display your products.

Once you are on Kilimall or Jumia websites, you will be able to ask about the process, which I am sure is easy, and then you won’t have hard time selling your products.

How do they earn from your products?

By selling your products, the two companies earn commissions from the sales.

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