EdTech Ambitions Soar with $4.5 Million Funding Boost

In a significant leap towards global expansion, Egyptian edtech start-up iSchool has raised a substantial $4.5 million in funding, propelling it to relocate its headquarters to Ireland. This strategic move comes as iSchool sets its sights on becoming a global player in the online education space, specifically in the domain of coding education.

Funding Dynamics and Visionary Investors

The funding round, spearheaded by Irish VC VentureWave Capital, witnessed participation from notable investors, including OneStop Capital UK, Webit Investment Network, and Oraseya Capital – the VC arm of Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority. This diverse group of investors brings strategic insights and financial backing to iSchool's ambitious plans.

Revolutionizing Coding Education for Ages Six to Eighteen

Established in 2018, iSchool specializes in providing an online coding platform tailored for students aged six to 18. The comprehensive curriculum encompasses cutting-edge technologies such as AI, VR, app development, game development, and web development. With over 26,000 students already onboard, collectively generating more than 10 million lines of code, iSchool has carved a niche in delivering quality coding education.

Strategic Pivot to Ireland: Gateway to Global Expansion

The decision to shift its headquarters to Ireland signifies iSchool's strategic pivot to leverage the country as a base for global scaling. The newly acquired $4.5 million funding will play a pivotal role in establishing a dynamic team in Dublin. iSchool aims to utilize Ireland as a launchpad for its global services and is set to embark on a rapid expansion journey across six additional countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Empowering Future Tech Leaders Worldwide

Muhammad Gawish, the co-founder and CEO of iSchool, envisions democratizing access to quality coding education globally. The plan is to provide students worldwide with access to a multitude of top-notch coding instructors, all from the comfort of their homes. Gawish's vision extends beyond geographical boundaries, with a mission to empower today's generations to become tomorrow's technology leaders.

“We are delighted to be joined by a number of vastly-experienced and strategic investors, whose expertise will not only play a vital role ahead of our future expansion, but also in our current activities managing national-level initiatives in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates,” Gawish emphasized.

Beyond Borders: Scaling Services and Impact

iSchool's strategic roadmap encompasses not only geographical expansion but also scaling up its online coding platform. Furthermore, the edtech aims to extend its gamified online classroom app service throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, fostering a holistic and interactive learning experience.

Growing a Simple Idea into Global Impact

As iSchool undertakes this transformative journey, the infusion of funds, strategic relocation, and visionary leadership position the edtech as a frontrunner in shaping the future of coding education on a global scale. The focus on leveraging technology and fostering collaboration with seasoned investors underscores iSchool's commitment to improving the lives of millions through innovative and accessible education solutions.