Africa's First Commercial Green Iron Plant

JinkoSolar, a leading solar panel manufacturer, has announced a groundbreaking collaboration to power Africa's first commercial green iron plant in Namibia. Leveraging its high-efficiency N-type TOPCon panels, JinkoSolar has supplied 25MW for the initial phase of the project, marking a significant milestone in Africa's green industrial transition.

Transformative Green Iron Manufacturing

HyIron's Oshivela Green plant is pioneering a transformative approach to iron production, utilizing hydrogen as a clean energy source to achieve carbon neutrality. By harnessing renewable energy and implementing innovative HyIron Technology, the plant aims to mitigate the environmental impact associated with traditional iron production methods. This initiative represents a bold step towards sustainable manufacturing practices and underscores Africa's commitment to green industrialization.

Visionary Collaboration for Global Impact

Commenting on the partnership with JinkoSolar, HyIron's Managing Director, Johannes Michels, highlighted the company's focus on renewable energy and engineering green industrial solutions. The collaboration aims to establish the world's first industrial production of iron with net-zero emissions at the Oshivela project in Namibia. By joining forces, HyIron and JinkoSolar are driving the global energy transition and paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

Key Role of Green Hydrogen

The success of the HyIron project hinges on the cost-effectiveness of green hydrogen, which is directly influenced by the cost of green power. JinkoSolar's Tiger Neo panels play a crucial role in optimizing the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), ensuring the economic viability of the project. With their high efficiency and generation performance, the panels enable competitive pricing against fossil fuel-based iron production, thus accelerating the adoption of green industrial practices.

Setting a Precedent for Sustainable Manufacturing

Jaffer Wang, JinkoSolar's General Manager for the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region, emphasized the significance of initiatives like the Oshivela plant in driving sustainable manufacturing practices globally. By powering Africa's first solar hydrogen-powered green iron plant, JinkoSolar and HyIron are setting a precedent for sustainable industrialization, inspiring similar initiatives across Africa and beyond. This collaboration serves as a beacon of hope and innovation, demonstrating the transformative potential of renewable energy in industrial sectors.