24 year old Kevin Kariuki was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. When he finished High School, he didn’t immediately go to campus due to financial constrains. He got a temporary job with a tea and coffee company, where he assisted in preparing financial accounts, thanks to his good grade in Maths.

While still holding on to the Accounting job, he later enrolled in St.Pauls University to study Business Administration but he was not able to complete the course due to lack of finances.

“I loved the Accounting job and I even considered pursuing a career in the field, but I didn’t like the routine that came with my job,” he tells Daily Nation.

He didn’t believe that one had to be employed in order to be successful. Because of hating his routine so much while still desiring to be successful, he decided to look for an exit plan, and becoming a business man seemed like the perfect route.

The Now CEO of 3 Businesses

Kevin Kariuki today has 3 very successful businesses . One is called Blessed Basket, a vegetable delivery business he started in 2014. He grows vegetables such as Kunde, Terere & Managu on his father’s farm in Kiambu county.

He notes that one of the things that has contributed to the success of his Farming business is that more people are now embracing healthy living, which makes the demand for vegetables very high.

Another reason that has contributed to his great farming business is because he eliminates the middle man by delivering the vegetables to customers himself.

His second business is called Kake Sounds, a business he started with his friend Joseph Gikonyo in 2015. At Kake Sounds, he offers services at events such as weddings, funerals, road shows and rallies. In addition to this, he also offers DJ and MC services.

Kevin is also an affiliate marketer with Q Net International, a Hong Kong based online marketing business that offers a range of products in areas such as health and wellness, technology, beauty, education etc. According to him, this is his main business.

His First Business

After deciding to quit his Accounting job , he set up a food delivery business. He would make smoothies, juices and fruit salads and sell them in offices around Kiambu town.

The business did well the first four months, but collapsed during the fifth month when the cold season came.

“Fruits & juices don’t do well in cold seasons,” he notes.

Capital to Start

The most impressive part about Kevin’s entrepreneurial journey is that he began his first business with just Kshs. 4500, which was part of his savings when he had an office job.

When his first business failed, he invested the money in farming. The profits he earned from his farming business enabled him to start Kake Sounds.

A Day in the Life of Kevin Kariuki

He wakes up at 5 am every day, to reflect on the previous day’s activities, he then does his devotion, writes 10 things he is grateful for and reads a chapter from a motivational book.

He then heads to the farm to check drip irrigation system, where he sometimes does some manual activities such as weeding (kulima) and also ensures the orders for the day are parked.

On Making Money

The young entrepreneur says that some of his best moments are when a cheque slides across the table. He says that it’s the most rewarding feeling to see your hard work pay off.

On a bad day he makes 100K.

Big Accomplishments

Kevin Kariuki has managed to put up a better house for his parents; he has invested in a piece of land, and has even bought a car which he sometimes hires out to maximize on the investment.


Juggling many businesses is not easy, says Kevin and this affects his work life balance.

Greatest Motivation

He says he is his own mentor, but he also looks up to Vijay Eswaran , the Executive Director of QI, and the internet affiliate business he is in.

The Keys to Success

Kevin notes that passion, focus and mentorship from successful entrepreneurs is what has helped him become a great entrepreneur.

Future Plans

The young entrepreneur wants to expand his business and go back to school to finish his degree.

Parting shot

He has made a living for himself with just Kshs.4, 500. Do you have a business idea? Take the risk today and get it started. If Kevin did it, you can too.

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