A Landmark Agreement for Sustainable Transportation

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable transportation solutions, Kofa and Autopax have come together in a historic agreement to introduce an innovative electric motorcycle model to the African market. This venture marks a significant milestone in Kenya's efforts to embrace eco-friendly transport options and combat climate change.

The Green Transport Initiative

This strategic partnership resonates with President William Ruto’s Government Green Transport Initiative, which aims to significantly reduce carbon emissions and address the pressing challenges of climate change. Through this collaboration, Kenya and Ghana reaffirm their commitment to leading the way in pioneering sustainable mobility solutions on the continent.

Innovative Design and Rigorous Testing

The electric motorcycle, meticulously designed and rigorously tested in Kenya and Ghana, is tailored to excel in Africa's diverse terrains and conditions. Designed with durability and efficiency in mind, it caters to the varied needs of boda-boda services, corporate fleets, and individual commuters.

Kofa’s Battery Swap Network

Kofa plays a crucial role in establishing a sustainable battery swap network, providing a reliable energy storage solution tailored to the demands of the African market. This infrastructure ensures seamless power accessibility for electric vehicles, laying the groundwork for widespread adoption and usage.

Autopax's Contribution

Autopax Limited oversees the assembly of electric motorcycles and the production of local components, adhering to Kenyan localization regulations. Moreover, the company is committed to developing a robust distribution network spanning Kenya and the wider East and Central Africa region, ensuring widespread accessibility and customer support.

Visionary Leadership for Sustainable Transportation

Joy Kalua, CEO of Autopax, emphasizes the significance of this collaboration in advancing sustainable transportation solutions tailored to Kenya's unique needs. Similarly, Erik Nygard, CEO of Kofa, envisions the Kore2 Swap & Go network as a transformative force in Kenya's electric vehicle landscape, ensuring continuous power and accessibility.

Toward a Sustainable Future

This agreement signifies a monumental step forward in Kenya's journey towards sustainable development and eco-friendly transportation. Beyond economic considerations, the collaborators are committed to providing viable mobility solutions that empower the aspirations of the African community. By embracing innovation and sustainability, Kofa and Autopax aim to shape a future that is both environmentally responsible and economically prosperous.