Isaac Mwangi Ngure, who is only 26, started his journey to success at a small village in Murang’a County through picking tea for farmers. He did this because he wasn’t able to continue with his studies after class eight due to lack of fees. He used to pick about 20kg of tea leaves per day, with a kg earning him 3 Kenyan shillings. He used to save the 60 shillings which he earned per day from which he bought a bull for Kshs. 3,000.

‘I did not want to depend on my parents for long, so I worked picking tea and was able to buy two more young bulls at sh. 6000, says Mwangi. A year later, he managed to sell the 3 bulls at 37000 and bought a dairy c how he began his own for sh.3000 and this was how he began his journey to success in dairy farming. The cow gave birth to four offspring after which it was sold. Three of the offspring which are cows produce 32, 26 and 19 liters of milk respectively. In a day, he sells 70 to 80 liters of milk to a hotel in Kangari center in Murang’a and is able to make sh.80000 in a month .He prefers selling to the hotel because their price is better than the co-operative which buys at a lesser price .Its also helps him maintain a good supplier-customer relationship.

After paying his expenses and all other things required like buying of dairy meal, he banks about sh.56000 to sh.60000 every month .A part from this, he also runs a boda boda business to supplement his income. He attributes his success to hard work and goes for field visits in Kiambu and Nanyuki .He also works closely with the area veterinary officer hence avoiding many challenges .He hopes to increase his herd to 15 so that the level of milk produced can also increase .As he concludes, he advises that they should always have a vision and work hard to achieve it.” I have always wanted to be a dairy farmer and I worked hard to achieve my dreams ,”he concludes.