The fashion industry in Kenya is very dynamic. To be on top of your game requires hard work, immense sacrifice and above all creativity.
One particular fashionpreneur who have managed to beat all odds to be among the country’s leading fashion designers is Hopekid. The young entrepreneur in his early 20s has dressed countless award winning artists and renown businessmen in Kenya.

He points out his entrepreneurial journey has not been a walk in the park. “I had to make sacrifices and put in too much hard work in my business for it to be where it is today.”

A part from being a fashion designer, Hopekid is also a well known award winning gospel artist in Kenya. “Balancing music and fashion designing has been a bit challenging but I have somehow managed to balance both.”

He notes how specific he is when it comes to the type of clients he chooses to work with. “I don’t just dress people because it is business. To me fashion is a feeling, so if you approach me and I feel you need to dress in a certain way then I will dress you.”
I dress both gents and ladies. I work with a team of 4 tailors, two ladies and two gentlemen.

” I started the fashion business back in 2012, where my first designs were jeans and denim attires.”
When I asked him of any plans to start another business he said, ” basically I am diverse, anything that brings me money I can always give it a shot. This is simply because I believe to be a wealthy man, you should have multiple sources of income.”

Being a public figure, he is always trying to give his clients and fans something unique to look up to. “You can’t be a public figure and you are in the same level with the people you want to inspire. Always strive to be a better example to them.”

Some of the main challenges he has faced includes the difficulty in acquiring unique fabrics, dishonest suppliers, uncertainty on how people will respond to your designs  and some clients refusing to buy from you because they don’t like you as a person. ” To avoid this, I delegate some of my duties to my other employees so that such clients do not have to deal with me directly, or they still buy your products without knowing they are buying from you”.
He encourages fashionpreneurs to always ensure they offer only the best services to clients. He adds, they should always work with a team having same vision and mission as them.

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