19-year old Habiba Malemba Suleiman turned her hobby of making cakes into a successful business .she has always had a passion for baking and she sure does it with passion as evident from the tasty looking cakes she makes .if you can do something perfectly well, why not get paid for it? Here is her story.

How did you start?

I have always had a passion for baking .I attended baking classes in 2013 and continued baking for fun .it was until 2014 that I made it a business and I know my clients are happy .When I made it a business I was only testing the waters and I needed the money too .since I attended the baking classes, my father bought me equipment for the class which I now use in the business .An oven was already available at home therefore I did not need much to start off.

I bake occasional cakes, birthday cakes, cupcakes, black forest, white forest and red velvet .My cupcakes go for at least ksh.50 and my cakes go for at least ksh.900 to ksh.3, 500.

What are the highlights of your business?

I am happy when my client is happy with my work .that gives me satisfaction .I also get to manage my own affairs, buy my own stuff and to do something that I really love.

What are your challenges?

I bake from home because I am still in school and I have no means to expand my business at the moment .My home is in Mombasa and I study in University of Nairobi which means I stop baking when I go to school .

What are your future plans?

I am currently saving money to open a bakery in Nairobi .I also want to start baking wedding cakes as they fetch a fortune.

I want to pursue baking as a part time career .I am currently studying Bachelor of Art in design.

What has been your guiding principle?

Always have a passion for what you do.