In a strategic move to fortify the digital resilience of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), MTN Nigeria, a prominent player in the ICT sector, has joined forces with ESET, a global leader in cybersecurity. The result is the unveiling of "MTN ESET," a tailored cybersecurity solution designed to meet the unique needs of SMEs in Nigeria.

Tailored Cybersecurity for SMEs

MTN ESET is specifically crafted to address the distinct cybersecurity needs of SMEs, recognizing the importance of safeguarding private and sensitive data across devices and servers. The collaboration aims to elevate digital security standards for Nigerian businesses, placing MTN at the forefront of championing the digital integrity of SMEs.

Comprehensive Security Product Bundles

MTN ESET offers a range of product bundles, allowing businesses to choose packages that align with their specific needs, considering factors such as the number of devices and the subscription duration. The flexibility in product offerings empowers SMEs to customize their cybersecurity solutions, reflecting MTN's commitment to providing tailored services for its diverse clientele.

Seamless Access and User-Friendly Interface

MTN subscribers can easily access the array of services offered by MTN ESET by dialing *406*150#. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, enabling SMEs to navigate and utilize cybersecurity features effortlessly. This accessibility highlights MTN's dedication to making advanced cybersecurity services readily available to its subscribers.

Strengthening MTN's Cloud Productivity Solutions

In addition to MTN ESET, MTN offers a suite of cloud productivity solutions, including Thryve Google Ads and Meetings+. Thryve Google Ads empowers SMEs to enhance their online presence through targeted social media advertising campaigns, while Meetings+ provides a sophisticated video conferencing platform for seamless collaboration. These solutions further bolster MTN's commitment to supporting SMEs in optimizing their operations and expanding their digital footprint.

Empowering Nigerian SMEs for Digital Transformation

The collaboration between MTN Nigeria and ESET positions MTN as a key player in empowering Nigerian businesses. By addressing the cybersecurity needs of SMEs, MTN contributes significantly to fostering sustainable growth in the rapidly evolving digital economy. This initiative underscores MTN's unwavering commitment to supporting SMEs in navigating the complexities of the digital age.

MTN's alliance with ESET not only signifies a powerful collaboration in the realm of digital security but also narrates a compelling story of progress, resilience, and a secure digital future for SMEs in Nigeria.