MultiChoice, the esteemed African broadcast partner and an integral member of The Earthshot Prize Global Alliance, is extending an invitation to African organizations with a penchant for scalable and impactful endeavors aimed at rejuvenating our planet. The Earthshot Prize, a far-reaching initiative dedicated to discovering, expediting, and magnifying pioneering solutions for the planet's restoration and regeneration, is poised to reward those who innovate to combat climate change in the 2024 edition of the competition.

Empowering Environmental Innovators

The Earthshot Prize is an illustrious global environmental accolade created to propel the discovery, acceleration, and amplification of revolutionary solutions capable of mending and revitalizing the Earth. On an annual basis, five laureates are granted a generous £1 million prize, empowering them to expand their projects. As a pivotal member of The Earthshot Prize Global Alliance, MultiChoice is taking the lead in reaching out to African entities striving to make a significant difference in the planet's reparation and rejuvenation. Entrants are encouraged to participate in one of the competition's five distinctive categories, each designed to address specific climate challenges:

1. Protect and Restore Nature

2. Clean our Air

3. Revive our Oceans

4. Build a Waste-Free World

5. Fix our Climate

As an official nominator, MultiChoice has established a dedicated entry portal for the submissions, with a deadline set for November 30, 2023. MultiChoice's representatives will meticulously review these submissions and proceed to officially nominate a selection directly to The Earthshot Prize adjudicators.

African Impact: Beyond Borders

In the previous year, Africa demonstrated its profound commitment to climate innovation. Notably, 108 entries were received from the continent, and two managed to ascend to the final stage of the 2023 competition. Among these, ABALOBI and Freetown the Treetown emerged victorious from a pool of over 1,300 candidates. In the broader context, Africa's presence has been steadily growing in The Earthshot Prize. Since its inception, five African organizations have proudly secured their spots as finalists:

1. Reeddi Capsules (Nigeria)

2. Pole Pole Foundation (Democratic Republic of Congo)

3. ROAM, Sanergy, and Mukuru Clean Stoves (Kenya)

The previous year bore witness to Mukuru Clean Stoves, a Kenyan start-up, clinching the "Clean Our Air Earthshot." Their commendable initiative revolves around providing cleaner-burning stoves to Kenyan women, curbing unhealthy indoor pollution and presenting a safer cooking alternative.

Beyond the £1 million prize, winners are embraced by a global network offering professional and technical support, crucial for expanding their initiatives. This support extends across multiple domains, including manufacturing, retail, supply chains, legal guidance, digital technology, business strategy, and government relations, courtesy of The Earthshot Prize Global Alliance.

An Ongoing Quest for Innovation

Each year, The Earthshot Prize launches a worldwide quest for pioneering solutions. A network of over 350 nominating individuals and organizations across 66 countries collaborates to guide this process, fostering innovation that contributes to our planet's revival.

MultiChoice: Paving the Way for a Thriving Future

At the core of MultiChoice's mission lies an unwavering commitment to "Enrich Lives." This philosophy underscores the imperative for the African continent's sustainable future, its precious natural resources, and thriving communities. It's a call to action, urging African innovators to step forward and seize the opportunity offered by the environmental prize. Furthermore, MultiChoice has forged a dynamic partnership with The Earthshot Prize, fortifying its role in expediting and spotlighting the ingenuity and determination of innovators, activists, and scientists across Africa. Their collective ambition is to combat the climate crisis within Africa and on a global scale, setting a remarkable precedent for generations to come.