Boosting Connectivity Across the Nation

Namibia is embarking on a significant endeavor to enhance its telecommunications infrastructure, with a substantial investment of $5.9 million (N$110 million) earmarked for the next three years. Spearheaded by the Minister of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Emma Theofelus, this initiative aims to deploy 30 network towers across the country, addressing critical gaps in connectivity.

Driving Towards Digital Inclusion

The project, initially proposed by Namibia's telecom infrastructure entity, PowerCom, underscores the pressing need to expand network coverage to underserved areas. With an estimated requirement of nearly 300 network towers within the next three to five years, the government's commitment to this endeavor signals a decisive step towards bridging the digital divide. Minister Theofelus highlighted the project's objective of extending network connectivity to regions currently devoid of adequate infrastructure, thereby fostering digital inclusion and equitable access to telecommunications services.

Engagement and Collaboration in the ICT Sector

The recent 23rd ICT stakeholders' meeting in Windhoek served as a pivotal platform for stakeholders to convene and deliberate on the progress and trajectory of the telecom infrastructure project. Representatives from esteemed organizations such as the Namibia Standards Institute and the National Radiation Protection Authority were present, reflecting a concerted effort to engage with key stakeholders and ensure alignment with industry standards and regulations.

Shoki Kandjimi, the senior public relations officer at the Ministry, reiterated the government's unwavering dedication to fostering a conducive environment for growth and innovation within the ICT sector. The event witnessed active participation from over 50 delegates representing various branches within the ICT landscape, facilitating constructive dialogue and collaboration between government entities and industry stakeholders.

Amidst Namibia's ambitious push towards bolstering its telecom infrastructure, collaboration, and stakeholder engagement emerge as critical pillars driving progress and ensuring the effective implementation of initiatives aimed at advancing digital connectivity and inclusivity nationwide.