In the vibrant landscape of entrepreneurship, where dreams are brushed with the hues of determination, Barakat Adenike Adesina stands as a maestro, orchestrating success through Glizt Manufacturing Industry Limited. Founded in 2017, this Nigerian venture has blossomed into a testament to the fusion of professional expertise and entrepreneurial zeal.

Inspiration Drawn from Expertise

A civil engineer by profession, Barakat Adenike Adesina's journey into entrepreneurship was sparked by a multifaceted passion. While adorned with the skills of a hair stylist, tailor, and cake baker, she embarked on a path that resonated with her engineering background. The idea for Glizt Manufacturing sprouted during her youth service Corp Saed program. It was here that Barakat realized the potential to blend her professional skills with the diverse set she had acquired, birthing a venture that would leave a lasting imprint.

Visionary Aspirations and Core Values

With a vision to be the most preferred paint and coating solution company in Nigeria with global recognition, Glizt Manufacturing aspires to consistently deliver quality products at pocket-friendly prices. The mission is anchored in the commitment to refining systems and products to align with client preferences. The core values—Integrity, Competence, Discipline, Commitment, and Efficiency—underscore a commitment to excellence and ethical business practices.

Diversified Product Portfolio

Glizt Manufacturing takes pride in its diversified product portfolio, producing water-based, oil-based paints, and wall treatment paints. Beyond manufacturing, the company extends its expertise to offer painting services to clients, creating a comprehensive solution.

Business Model and Revenue Generation

The business model hinges on customer intimacy, leveraging seminars to create a painter's directory, and fostering partnerships with distributors, engineers, painters, and homeowners. By engaging buyers, influencers, and users, Glizt Manufacturing has strategically positioned itself to cater to the needs of its target market. Revenue is generated through product sales and service offerings, with cost-plus pricing ensuring sustained profitability.

Understanding and Meeting Customer Needs

In understanding and meeting the needs of the target market—primarily men and women aged 30-55—Glizt Manufacturing prioritizes customer experience. From color consultations to referral discounts and personalized services, the company ensures a seamless journey for its clients.

What sets Glizt Manufacturing apart from competitors is the meticulous attention to quality even in its most affordable products. The company's commitment goes beyond selling; it aims to provide durable products that withstand the test of time. Regular customer follow-ups, reviews, and educational events further contribute to the unique value the company brings to its customers.

Embracing Challenges and Achievements

Glizt Manufacturing has not been immune to challenges. Initially grappling with sourcing raw materials due to financial constraints, the company overcame this hurdle by establishing direct relationships with importers. Achievements, on the other hand, include national award nominations, collaboration with the deputy governor for a house revamping project, and accolades from painting schools and associations.

Looking Ahead

Excitingly, Glizt Manufacturing envisions launching an app to facilitate color combination for individual projects, further enhancing customer experience. The long-term vision involves becoming one of the top three paint companies, not only in Nigeria but also expanding into neighboring countries. This trajectory is sustained through a commitment to quality, market visibility, and active participation in trade fairs.

Guiding Aspiring Entrepreneurs

To aspiring entrepreneurs, Barakat Adenike Adesina offers sage advice—acquire comprehensive knowledge, maintain unwavering integrity, and foster a team-building mindset. The Glizt Manufacturing story stands as an inspiration, where a passion for one's profession converges with entrepreneurial spirit, creating a canvas painted with success, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.