Pioneering Innovation in Retail-Tech

Nigerian retail-tech startup OmniRetail has embarked on its Series A fundraising journey with a significant investment from Goodwell Investments, propelling its mission to revolutionize Africa's commerce value chain. Founded in 2019, OmniRetail is dedicated to addressing the unique challenges faced by informal retailers through cutting-edge digital solutions.

Addressing Commerce Challenges

OmniRetail serves as a B2B enablement platform, empowering retailers with essential digital infrastructure to navigate the complexities of the commerce landscape. By prioritizing the needs of informal retailers, OmniRetail's flagship platform, Omnibiz, along with innovative tools like OmniPay and Mplify, streamlines product procurement, facilitates access to credit, and enhances business optimization for increased profitability and scalability.

Market Penetration and Impact

With a robust network of over 140,000 small retailers and partnerships with 90 brands, OmniRetail has rapidly established itself as a transformative force in the retail industry. By leveraging technology to bridge gaps and empower retailers, OmniRetail is reshaping the retail landscape in Africa, driving sustainable growth and economic empowerment.

Strategic Investment from Goodwell

Goodwell Investments, renowned for its focus on impactful investments in emerging markets, has chosen to support OmniRetail's vision through its uMunthu II fund. This strategic investment, made in collaboration with Alitheia Capital, marks the beginning of OmniRetail's Series A fundraising, propelling the startup towards its ambitious goals of digital infrastructure development and retail transformation.

Vision for the Future

Archit Bagaria, head of investments at OmniRetail, emphasized the pivotal role of digital infrastructure in revolutionizing Africa's informal retail sector. With the backing of Goodwell Investments, a leading impact fund on the continent, OmniRetail is poised to embark on a transformative journey, driving meaningful change and empowerment across the retail landscape.

Driving Retail Innovation

As OmniRetail embarks on its Series A fundraising, it stands at the forefront of retail innovation in Africa. With its unwavering commitment to empowering informal retailers and leveraging technology to drive sustainable growth, OmniRetail is poised to redefine the retail landscape, unlocking new opportunities and driving economic prosperity across the continent.