Ivorypay, a pioneering Nigerian startup in blockchain-based payments and remittances, has embarked on a transformative journey through its strategic partnership with Tether, a leading stablecoin issuer.

Empowering Digital Transactions

In a bid to simplify and secure crypto transactions across Africa, Ivorypay has joined forces with Tether to enhance the accessibility and affordability of digital transactions. By allowing Tether to mint and issue USDT directly to Ivorypay, this partnership aims to empower businesses and individuals with seamless and cost-effective payment solutions.

Driving Innovation in Africa’s Payment Sector

The alliance between Ivorypay and Tether is poised to catalyze innovation in Africa’s payment landscape, setting new standards for stability and efficiency. With a shared vision of advancing financial inclusion and enhancing user experience, this partnership heralds a new era of growth and opportunity in Africa’s burgeoning fintech ecosystem.

CEO’s Vision for Strategic Partnership

Oluwatobi Ajayi, CEO of Ivorypay, underscored the strategic significance of partnering with Tether, emphasizing the alignment of their vision. Ajayi expressed confidence that this collaboration would streamline operations and bolster liquidity, ultimately fostering greater trust and adoption among Ivorypay’s user base.

Industry Endorsement and Support

Aly Madhavji, Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund, lauded the integration of USDT into Ivorypay’s payment systems, heralding it as a milestone for stability and efficiency in the region’s financial services. With a commitment to supporting Ivorypay’s mission, Madhavji affirmed his organization’s readiness to facilitate new opportunities for African businesses and consumers.