Mastercard, a global leader in payment technology, and Glovo, a versatile multi-category app, have forged a transformative partnership to address hunger and enhance education in underserved communities across Africa. Through this collaboration, the aim is to provide over 300,000 meals to school children in Kenya and Nigeria, marking a significant step towards alleviating poverty, malnutrition, and educational deficiencies.

Mastercard's Commitment to Social Responsibility

Driven by a commitment to social responsibility and inclusive prosperity, Mastercard seeks to empower individuals and foster sustainable development worldwide. Teaming up with Glovo, the focus is on combating hunger and ensuring that school children have access to nutritious meals, thereby creating an environment conducive to learning and holistic development.

Strategic Partnerships for Amplified Impact

To magnify their impact, Mastercard has strategically partnered with local charities – Food4Education in Kenya and the Lagos Food Bank Initiative in Nigeria. For every transaction made on the Glovo app, Mastercard will contribute to these charities, funding a meal for a child in need. This innovative initiative, a first in East and West Africa, underscores Mastercard's dedication to sustainable solutions that uplift individuals, safeguard the planet, and promote overall prosperity.

Driving Digital Inclusivity and Social Upliftment

Shehryar Ali, Senior Vice President and Country Manager for East Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands at Mastercard, emphasizes the company's mission to extend the benefits of the digital economy to one billion individuals. Through digital initiatives, Mastercard aims to promote inclusivity, social upliftment, and environmental sustainability. The partnership with Glovo exemplifies this commitment, as they work together to provide nutritious meals, combat hunger, and enrich the learning environment for children in need.

Local Collaboration for Lasting Impact

Caroline Mutuku, General Manager of Kenya at Glovo, underscores the grassroots-level impact of the partnership. By joining forces with Mastercard, Glovo demonstrates a shared dedication to addressing pressing social issues, such as hunger and inclusive prosperity in Kenya and Nigeria. Recognizing the transformative potential of business partnerships, Glovo aims to inspire collective action in local communities, driving positive change from within.

Fostering Hope and Joy Through Collective Efforts

Beyond providing meals, Mastercard and Glovo aspire to instill hope and joy in underserved communities, creating a positive environment that enhances education and overall well-being. This collaborative effort emphasizes the importance of collective action in tackling societal challenges, and Mastercard encourages its cardholders to actively participate in this impactful initiative, amplifying its reach and impact across Africa.