Exploring Opportunities in Africa's Blue Economy

BlueInvest Africa is calling on startups and businesses engaged in the blue economy to submit applications for its second edition. This event, scheduled for July 3-4 in Kenya, will serve as a platform to showcase 30 carefully selected projects to a panel of investors. Launched by the European Commission in 2022, BlueInvest Africa aims to facilitate connections between African entrepreneurs seeking funding and international investors interested in the vast opportunities within Africa’s blue economy.

Understanding the Blue Economy

The term "blue economy" encompasses all sustainable economic activities in marine or inland water environments. This includes not only traditional sectors like fishing, tourism, and transportation but also emerging fields such as biotechnologies, aquaculture, and renewable energies. BlueInvest Africa recognizes the diverse spectrum of opportunities in the blue economy and seeks to support ventures contributing to its sustainable development.

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants

Participation is open exclusively to companies registered and operating in Africa within the blue economy sector. This includes African small, micro, and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs). To qualify, projects must be under development, intended for deployment in African countries, and incorporate sustainability goals into the production, execution, and life cycle of the project.

Key Dates and Application Period

The application window for BlueInvest Africa's second edition is currently open and will continue to accept submissions until January 26. This presents a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses in the blue economy sector to showcase their innovative projects and connect with potential investors.

BlueInvest Africa stands as a conduit for fostering collaboration and investment in the blue economy, offering a unique platform for entrepreneurs to gain visibility and secure funding for their impactful initiatives.