An Innovative Collaboration

In a strategic move to expedite hybrid multi-cloud adoption, drive innovation, and enhance the customer experience, Nutanix and Cisco have forged a collaboration in Egypt. This partnership, an extension of their global alliance, aims to provide a comprehensive hyper-converged solution, empowering IT modernization and business transformation. The joint efforts of these industry giants seek to simplify infrastructure, streamline application deployment, and fortify resiliency, addressing operational challenges faced by IT organizations.

Addressing Operational Challenges

IT organizations grapple with operational challenges, sustainability concerns, and security issues amidst the complexity of multi-vendor environments and cloud technologies. The Nutanix-Cisco alliance is poised to address these challenges by offering top-tier cloud operating models, unmatched flexibility, and automated resiliency, all supported by exceptional customer service.

Cisco Compute Hyperconverged with Nutanix

The collaboration introduces Cisco Compute Hyperconverged with Nutanix, merging Cisco's SaaS-managed compute and networking infrastructure with the Nutanix Cloud Platform. This fully integrated and validated solution will be marketed by Cisco, ensuring a cohesive and supported end-to-end experience for customers. The innovative integration brings together Cisco Unified Computing System with Cisco Intersight and the Nutanix Cloud Platform, comprising Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure, Nutanix Cloud Manager, Nutanix Unified Storage, and Nutanix Desktop Services.

Key Features of Nutanix Cloud Platform

The Nutanix Cloud Platform offers a uniform cloud operating model, enabling seamless application and data management across data centers, edges, and public clouds. It supports diverse application deployments, from mission-critical tasks to AI-driven innovation. The platform boasts linear scaling of performance and capacity, self-healing nodes for built-in resilience, and seamlessly integrated persistent storage.

Local Initiatives and Strategic Discussions

Following the collaboration announcement, the leadership of Nutanix in Egypt, led by Country Director Mogib Abdelrazek, engaged in discussions with Ayman El Gohary, Cisco’s Managing Director for Egypt, North Africa, and the Levant, along with their respective teams. The discussions centered around local initiatives stemming from the global strategic partnership. The goal is to provide a robust hybrid cloud solution tailored to optimize customer operations, bolster resilience, and accelerate IT transformation.

Quotes from Leadership

Mogib Abdelrazek of Nutanix expressed, “Our cutting-edge cloud technologies bolster two pivotal government initiatives: the ICT 2030 Strategy and Digital Egypt.”

Ayman El Gohary of Cisco stated, “Cisco Compute Hyperconverged with Nutanix is designed to fast-track infrastructure and application delivery through superior cloud operations, flexibility, and support. Egyptian organizations can now confidently innovate, backed by our combined, enhanced support and automated resiliency features that swiftly address and prevent issues.”