A Strategic Acquisition

Polymorph, a prominent South African software product development consultancy, has been acquired by Octoco Group, a fast-growing technology conglomerate based in Stellenbosch. This acquisition signifies a strategic move to enhance the technological capabilities and service offerings of the Octoco Group.

Polymorph’s Comprehensive Service Offering

Polymorph has built a reputation over the past 12 years as a preferred partner for some of South Africa’s most renowned brands. The company offers a fully-integrated service that guides a product from early-stage research and ideation through user experience and interface design, prototyping, and full implementation. This holistic approach has cemented Polymorph’s position as a leader in software product development.

Octoco Group: A Diverse Tech Portfolio

Founded in 2020 by G-J van Rooyen, Octoco Group emerged following an investor dispute with his previous startup, Custos, which has since been resolved. Octoco Group provides comprehensive engineering services, including software development, hardware engineering, and CTO support. Additionally, the group invests in tech startups, with Henlo Coffee being a notable example, recently launching its machines in Vida e Caffè.

Integration into the Octoco Family

Polymorph Systems joins Octoco Group as a sister company to Octoco Consulting. Both companies are headquartered in Techno Park, Stellenbosch, facilitating collaboration and synergy. “We think Polymorph’s approach to software product design is exceptional and we are very excited to welcome them to the group,” said Heinrich de Lange, CEO of Octoco. “They strongly complement our technology consulting company’s services, and the more product-focused firms in our group stand to benefit from their extensive design expertise.”

Benefits of the Acquisition

The acquisition aims to leverage Polymorph’s extensive design expertise to enhance the overall service offerings of the Octoco Group. By integrating Polymorph’s capabilities, Octoco plans to strengthen its technology consulting services and provide greater value to its product-focused firms. This strategic move is expected to foster innovation and drive growth within the group.