Unveiling Max it: Orange's Innovative Super-App

Orange, a leader in telecommunications, is set to redefine the digital landscape in Africa and the Middle East with the launch of its groundbreaking super-app, Max it. This revolutionary application integrates telecommunications, financial services, and e-commerce, catering to the diverse daily needs of users across the region. Whether an individual is an Orange customer or not, Max it offers an inclusive experience designed by Orange teams in Africa for African users.

African Roots, Global Impact: Max it’s Inception

Developed with a focus on African customers, Max it represents Orange's commitment to innovation and inclusivity. The application is poised for an initial release in five countries, followed by a swift expansion to the remaining 12 countries where Orange has a presence. Max it emerges as a game-changer, introducing a seamless blend of telecommunications, financial solutions, and e-commerce on a single smartphone interface.

Telecommunications, Finance, and E-Commerce

Orange describes Max it as a comprehensive super-app, unifying three fundamental services within a single platform. Users can harness account functionalities to manage both mobile and fixed lines. The app integrates Orange Money, providing a spectrum of services for local and international money transfers, payments to billing and merchant partners, bank transfers, and credit and savings management.

Complementing these features, Max it incorporates an innovative e-commerce platform offering a plethora of digital content. From online games, music, and TV to videos and news, users can access a diverse array of entertainment options. The inclusion of a digital ticketing service further enhances the app's utility, enabling customers to purchase tickets for events such as concerts and transport services.

Orange's Vision: A User-Centric Approach

Orange envisions having approximately 45 million active Max it users by 2025, recognizing the tremendous potential this super-app holds. In a region where smartphones serve as the gateway to daily digital life, with an anticipated adoption rate of 61 percent among connected customers by 2025, Max it stands as a testament to Orange's commitment to innovation and user-centric services.

According to Orange, "Max it perfectly reflects Orange's spirit of innovation in Africa and the Middle East. By bringing together all our services and those of numerous partners, this application strengthens our position as a multi-service operator and our desire to offer the best of digital services to all our customers."

Rollout Strategy: Phased Introduction Across the Region

The first iteration of Max it is currently available in five African countries: Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Botswana. Orange plans a phased rollout in the remaining countries, ensuring a smooth and efficient introduction of this transformative super-app.

Orange's Max it emerges as a groundbreaking digital solution, seamlessly integrating telecommunications, financial services, and e-commerce. As it makes its debut in the African and Middle Eastern markets, Max it reflects Orange's commitment to providing innovative and inclusive digital experiences for users across the region.