Qore's Partnership with QoreID

Qore, the leading Banking-as-a-Service platform provider in Africa, has joined forces with QoreID, A VerifyMe Company, to bolster financial security and regulatory compliance within the African financial ecosystem. This strategic collaboration aims to equip over 500 financial institutions across Africa with cutting-edge identity verification and KYC (Know Your Customer) solutions, ensuring robust protection against financial crime while facilitating seamless customer onboarding processes.

Strengthening Banking-as-a-Platform (BaaP) Proposition

Qore's Banking-as-a-Platform (BaaP) proposition empowers financial institutions by granting access to a comprehensive suite of tools and services from third-party providers across the continent. By partnering with QoreID, Qore enhances its BaaP offering with advanced identity verification and AI-powered authentication capabilities, setting a new standard for security and reliability in the African banking sector.

Enhancing KYC Automation and Validation

The alliance between Qore and QoreID drives KYC automation and validation processes, enabling financial institutions to enhance transaction quality, streamline customer onboarding, and mitigate fraud risks. Leveraging Qore's AI capabilities and QoreID's biometric services, institutions can assess customer risk profiles, prevent identity theft, and uphold regulatory compliance standards with confidence.

Reinforcing Commitment to Security

Mudiaga Umukoro, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Qore, emphasizes the partnership's commitment to delivering trust, transparency, and security to clients. By integrating QoreID's robust KYC services, Qore reaffirms its dedication to safeguarding customer data and combating fraud within the financial services sector.

Simplifying Onboarding Processes

Olutunji Oluwole, Executive Chairman and Co-founder of QoreID, highlights the partnership's focus on simplifying onboarding processes and enriching the customer experience. By integrating AI-powered KYC and data analytics services, QoreID enhances Qore's network, mitigating business risks and providing valuable consumer insights to institutions and their customers.

Setting a New Standard of Excellence

Together, Qore and QoreID are revolutionizing customer due diligence and risk management in the African financial landscape. By combining expertise, innovation, and advanced technologies, the partnership sets a new standard of excellence, paving the way for a more secure, efficient, and compliant financial ecosystem in Africa.