In a significant stride towards fostering Africa's tech ecosystem, Qualcomm Incorporated proudly concludes the inaugural year of its Africa Innovation Platform. This groundbreaking initiative encompasses a suite of programs designed to mentor, educate, and train emerging technology players across the continent. Qualcomm's commitment extends to local universities, small-to-medium startups, and grant participants, providing them with invaluable exposure to cutting-edge technologies.

Qualcomm Make in Africa Startup Mentorship Program

- Equity-Free Mentorship: This pioneering mentorship program identified early-stage startups focusing on advanced connectivity and processing technologies for end-to-end systems solutions.

- Inaugural Cohort: The program showcased an impressive inaugural cohort of startups from various sectors, including organic composting, vehicle diagnostics, precision agriculture, and more.

Qualcomm Africa University Relations Program

- Strengthening Educational Capabilities: The program strategically bolsters the research and educational capabilities of select African universities, labs, and students, enhancing engineering curriculum and providing training on advanced technologies.

Qualcomm Academy

- Expanding Education Reach: Qualcomm's education and training arm, Qualcomm Academy, expanded its 5G University Training Program to students in select African universities and organizations.

- Certification Programs: Students received 5G training and certification from industry-leading engineers, empowering them with cutting-edge knowledge.

Qualcomm Wireless Reach Social Impact Funds

- Driving Societal Impact: Qualcomm Wireless Reach Initiative contributes social impact funds to support the scaling of Qualcomm Make in Africa (QMIA) startups.

- Innovative Solutions: Startups are invited to propose solutions leveraging wireless technologies to address pressing needs in their communities.

- Hardware and Software Kits: Wireless Reach provides startups with Qualcomm hardware and software kits, enabling them to develop custom innovations while utilizing Qualcomm's advanced technologies.

Patent Filing Incentive

- Protecting Intellectual Property: Qualcomm offers financial reimbursement for startups towards filing utility patents, ensuring the protection of intellectual property rights.

- Market Reach Enhancement: This strategic investment not only safeguards startups' IP but also positions them as leaders in Africa's innovation landscape.

QMIA 2024 Launch

- Continued Mentorship: Applications for the 2024 Qualcomm Make in Africa startup mentorship program are now open, promising continued support and mentorship for the next cohort.

For detailed information and application details for the Qualcomm Make in Africa program, visit [here]