Tripcel, spearheaded by its founder Aminat Akanbi, is revolutionizing the way Nigerian travelers navigate connectivity challenges while exploring the globe. In today’s digital era, seamless connectivity is essential, and Tripcel is leading the charge with innovative solutions tailored to simplify travel connectivity.

Innovative Solutions for Global Connectivity

Tripcel’s website,, serves as a gateway to innovative solutions designed to address connectivity hurdles faced by travelers worldwide. Akanbi's vision focuses on empowering travelers with reliable connectivity across 200+ countries, eliminating the need for new SIM cards, Wi-Fi connections, or roaming charges.

A standout feature of Tripcel's offering is its utilization of QR code technology, providing instant internet access to travelers upon arrival in any country. This simple yet groundbreaking solution has garnered international acclaim, positioning Tripcel as a trailblazer in the travel tech industry.

Recognition and Accolades

Akanbi's passion and dedication to revolutionizing the travel industry have not gone unnoticed. Tripcel was showcased as a standout startup at the prestigious Web Summit in Qatar, where Akanbi presented the company's advanced eSIM technology alongside top tech innovators. Her mantra, "One QR code connects you to the global internet," resonates with travelers seeking seamless connectivity solutions.

Driving Innovation Beyond Borders

Beyond the Web Summit, Akanbi's impactful contributions have earned her recognition as one of the Top 40 Travel Women in Africa. This accolade underscores her commitment to bridging the gap for African travelers and promoting sustainable travel practices. With over a decade of experience and a background in Political Science from Lagos State University, Akanbi continues to drive innovation in the travel tech sector.

Vision for Seamless Travel Experiences

Tripcel's eSIM technology epitomizes Akanbi's visionary leadership in redefining travel connectivity. By offering seamless and reliable connectivity across 200 countries, Tripcel enables Nigerian travelers to embark on confident and hassle-free exploration worldwide. With a mission to transcend borders and empower travelers with unmatched connectivity solutions, Tripcel is paving the way for inclusive and culturally immersive travel experiences.