In a world saturated with events, finding the right one to attend or organizing a seamless gathering can be a daunting task. However, a Nigerian startup, Knit Technologies Limited, aims to change the game. With their groundbreaking event discovery and listing app, "Knit," they are poised to transform the event landscape, not only in Nigeria but across the globe.

Knit Technologies Limited's Co-founder and Team Lead, Fela Bank-Olemoh, introduced the world to "Knit," an app that transcends conventional event promotion platforms. This innovative application is set to revolutionize the way people engage with and approach events.

Efficient Event Scheduling

One of the most significant challenges in event planning is finding the perfect date. Knit tackles this head-on by providing weather forecasts to help event organizers select the best days. This feature eliminates the hassle of scheduling events on days marred by unfavorable weather conditions.

Choosing the right venue for an event is often a time-consuming task. Knit simplifies this process by listing event facilities, making it easier for organizers to find suitable venues for their specific event needs.

Knit extends beyond event planning; it's a social networking platform for event enthusiasts. Users can engage in chats, share voice recordings, and exchange videos. This feature fosters connections, allowing like-minded individuals to communicate and share their event experiences.

A Vision Beyond Events

Effective marketing can be a significant challenge for service providers in the events industry. Knit offers a solution by enabling service providers to showcase their expertise, present their skills and portfolios, and promote their services to a tailored audience. This empowers them to effectively market their offerings.

During the app's launch, Fela Bank-Olemoh emphasized Knit's mission, which goes beyond mere event organization. The app aims to foster meaningful connections within local communities. It empowers users to efficiently create or discover events, purchase tickets, and establish valuable connections.

The New Face of Knit

In August 2023, Fela Bank-Olemoh took on the role of Team Lead at Knit Technologies Ltd. His experience managing FBO Training & Research Centre, an organization dedicated to capacity building and training in Nigeria and Africa, particularly focused on empowering young individuals, positions him as a valuable addition to the Knit team.

What to Expect from Knit

Knit Technologies Ltd designed the app with a profound understanding of the pain points within the events industry. It offers distinctive features, including in-app social networking, weather forecasts for event organizers, and QR code integration.

For those eager to embark on a new era of event discovery, Knit is readily available. You can find more information and download the app from the Play Store or App Store. Alternatively, explore the official website at