A Breakthrough in Affordable Healthcare

In a groundbreaking collaboration, 9mobile, Nigeria's leading telecommunications company, has joined forces with PlugInsure and Axa Mansard to launch SureCare, an innovative health insurance product designed to cater to the diverse healthcare needs of Nigerians. This strategic partnership reflects 9mobile's commitment to pioneering customer-centric solutions and enhancing the overall well-being of its subscribers.

A Commitment to Innovation

Kenechukwu Okonkwo, Director of Products Innovation and Business Development at 9mobile, emphasized the company's dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction through the introduction of SureCare. The goal is to provide easily accessible, affordable, and comprehensive insurance solutions that positively impact the lives of customers.

Insights from EFIna Research

The launch of SureCare comes in response to research conducted by Enhancing Financial Innovation and Access (EFIna), which revealed that Nigeria's insurance penetration remains stagnant at a mere two percent. Accessibility and awareness emerged as significant hurdles, hindering the widespread adoption of insurance products. This collaboration with PlugInsure and Axa Mansard aims to bridge these gaps and introduce a pocket-friendly health insurance service, responding directly to the needs of 9mobile's diverse customer base.

SureCare's Accessibility and Unparalleled Benefits

SureCare is easily accessible through the short code *1019#, offering unparalleled benefits through a range of insurance plans tailored to the specific requirements of 9mobile's customers. The collaboration emphasizes affordability, ease of access, and extensive coverage, ensuring that subscribers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive health insurance.

A Pocket-Friendly Solution: Monthly Coverage from N100

Under the partnership, SureCare stands out as an affordable healthcare solution, with monthly coverage starting from just N100. This initiative reinforces 9mobile's commitment to not only delivering exceptional telecommunication services but also providing essential and life-enhancing benefits that contribute to the overall well-being of its subscribers nationwide.

Pioneering a Healthier Future

The collaboration between 9mobile, PlugInsure, and Axa Mansard signifies a new era in accessible and affordable healthcare for Nigerians. SureCare's introduction aligns with the Telco's mission to go beyond telecommunications, actively contributing to the improvement of its customers' lives.