Zeeh Africa, a pioneering fintech company based in Nigeria, has unveiled a groundbreaking loan recovery solution powered by Global Standing Instruction (GSI) technology. This innovative system promises to transform the landscape of loan recovery by providing lenders with an automated and direct method to recover funds from defaulters. Let's explore how Zeeh Africa's latest offering is set to revolutionize loan recovery processes and lower non-performing loan rates.

The Genesis of Zeeh Africa

Founded in 2022 by Frank Uwajeh and CEO David Adeleke, Zeeh Africa emerged with a mission to democratize financial access for individuals, businesses, and financial institutions. With an open banking system at its core, the company has been at the forefront of driving financial inclusion and innovation in the Nigerian fintech ecosystem.

Unveiling the GSI-Powered Solution

The newly introduced loan recovery solution leverages GSI technology, empowering lenders to initiate automatic fund recovery directly from defaulters' accounts. Beyond loan recovery, the system also holds the potential for recurring payment collection, offering a comprehensive solution to financial institutions and businesses alike.

Addressing Non-Performing Loans

CEO David Adeleke expresses confidence that the GSI-based solution will play a pivotal role in reducing non-performing loan rates. By streamlining the payment process and minimizing complications associated with loan recovery, the system offers a seamless and efficient mechanism for lenders to recoup outstanding funds.

Empowering Businesses with Control and Flexibility

Zeeh Africa's GSI solution empowers businesses with control features, allowing them to manage ongoing debits in real-time. With transparency, flexibility, and automation at its core, the solution enhances user engagement and optimizes business processes for efficient financial management.

The Role of GSI in Nigeria's Financial Landscape

The introduction of the GSI solution aligns with initiatives spearheaded by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to enhance the country's financial systems and improve loan recovery rates. By leveraging effective mechanisms like GSI, Nigeria has witnessed a notable reduction in non-performing loan ratios, underscoring the efficacy of such strategies in bolstering financial efficiency.

As Zeeh Africa pioneers the adoption of GSI technology in loan recovery, it heralds a new era of efficiency and effectiveness in Nigeria's financial ecosystem. With its commitment to innovation and financial inclusion, Zeeh Africa is poised to drive tangible impact, empower businesses, and lower non-performing loan rates through its transformative GSI-powered solution.