Empowering Educators and Learners Worldwide

In a groundbreaking move to revolutionize online education, Klas, founded by Nathan Nwachuku (CEO) and Lekan Adejumo (CTO) in 2022, has secured a remarkable $1 million in pre-seed funding. The platform, often dubbed as the "Shopify for education," aims to provide a seamless experience for creating and selling courses, ebooks, and live classes across various disciplines.

Building the Future of Education

At the heart of Klas lies a bold vision—to democratize access to online learning by empowering anyone to set up and run their own virtual school. Drawing parallels to the success of Shopify in the realm of online stores, Nwachuku envisions Klas as a game-changer in the education sector, simplifying the process of creating online classes and fostering economic inclusion in the face of increasing global demand for digital education.

From Concept to Reality

The journey of Klas began in 2021 when Nwachuku joined forces with Adejumo and secured a significant $180,000 angel round. With the launch of the Klas platform in the subsequent year and entry into Techstars, the company swiftly gained traction by addressing the complexities of existing edtech platforms with its user-friendly features and seamless experiences.

Pioneering Innovation

Unlike its counterparts, Klas adopts a closed-system model, developing every feature from scratch to ensure a cohesive and integrated platform. By eschewing third-party tools in favor of proprietary solutions, the company maintains full control over its offerings, promising unparalleled reliability and security to its users.

Global Impact, Local Roots

While Klas caters to a global clientele, it remains deeply rooted in its African origins. With a user base of over 300,000 learners across 30 countries attending 5,000 online schools, the platform has facilitated substantial earnings for course creators, particularly in Nigeria.

Driving Growth and Expansion

Looking ahead, Klas sets ambitious targets for growth, aiming to serve 100,000 virtual schools globally by 2027, with a strategic focus on North America and India, its burgeoning user base. The recent infusion of capital is poised to propel the company towards realizing this vision and cementing its position as a leader in the online education landscape.

Innovative Pricing Models

In a bid to cater to diverse needs, Klas offers a free plan with a nominal 5% transaction fee, making it accessible to educators of all scales. Additionally, the company plans to introduce an enterprise option priced at $199, targeting large businesses seeking to upskill their employees—a testament to its commitment to fostering lifelong learning.

Confidence in Leadership

Sunil Sharma, Managing Director of Techstars in Toronto, expressed unwavering confidence in the company and its visionary founders. The decision to make a follow-on investment underscores Techstars' belief in Klas's potential to redefine the future of education and empower millions worldwide.