In a transformative move to reshape the payment landscape, Interswitch and Vienna Payment Solutions (VIPASO) have announced a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing payment solutions across various sectors. This collaboration introduces VIPASO, an innovative solution featuring consumer and merchant applications, seamlessly integrated into Interswitch's platform. The initiative, initially launching in Kenya, is poised for rapid regional adoption.

The Innovative Payment Solution

VIPASO presents a unique dual-application system—a consumer app and a merchant app—functioning seamlessly across smartphones and feature phones. This revolutionary solution operates between consumer devices and merchant devices or Android Point of Sale terminals, providing flexibility and convenience. Leveraging Bluetooth low energy connectivity, VIPASO offers an alternative payment method, especially valuable in scenarios where traditional card or mobile phone payments face challenges due to unreliable internet connectivity.

Beyond operational efficiency, VIPASO aligns with the overarching goal of enhancing financial inclusion in the East African market. The solution offers a reliable, accessible, and efficient payment method, catering to the diverse needs of businesses and consumers alike.

Interswitch's Commitment to Innovation

Romana Rajput, Interswitch Country General Manager for Kenya, highlights the collaboration's strategic response to evolving challenges, fortifying the security of financial transactions. This partnership underscores Interswitch's commitment to fostering digitalization and financial inclusion in Kenya.

The VIPASO solution reflects Interswitch's dedication to being a catalyst for industry innovation. By adapting to changing trends and meeting evolving customer needs, Interswitch aims to provide reliable solutions for financial inclusion.

Universal Access to Financial Services

Matthias Horvath, CEO at VIPASA, expresses honor in partnering with Interswitch to make VIPASO technology universally accessible. The collaboration represents significant progress toward VIPASO's mission of simplifying, securing, and universalizing Point of Sales (PoS) payments.

Wolfgang Platz, President at VIPASO, emphasizes VIPASO's mission to deliver accessible financial services globally. The partnership with Interswitch East Africa aligns with this mission, offering innovative payment options to the East African region.

Transformative Shift in Payment Solutions

Naomi Wachira, Head of Technology at Interswitch East Africa, envisions a future marked by seamless payments. The integration of Software Development Kit APIs signifies a transformative shift away from manual input, eliminating the risks of errors and paving the way for swift and error-free processes.

The partnership between Interswitch and VIPASO represents a step-change in addressing market needs. It serves as a bridge, bringing a new level of convenience, simplicity, and reach to the world of PoS payments.