In a bid to revolutionize the delivery of large and oversized items across Africa, Yango Delivery, an innovative logistics startup, has unveiled its latest offering, 'Cargo Express'. This feature, designed to address existing challenges in the logistics sector, marks a significant milestone in enhancing service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Elevating Delivery Efficiency with Cargo Express

The introduction of Cargo Express signifies a strategic initiative by Yango Delivery to streamline the delivery process for bulky items. Operational initially in major metropolitan hubs such as Accra, Abidjan, and Lusaka, this feature promises a host of benefits, including seamless item transportation and ten minutes of complimentary loading and unloading time, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers.

Innovative Solutions for Urban Logistics

Accessible via the Yango app's Delivery section, Cargo Express leverages a dedicated fleet of vehicles tailored for the transportation of large and heavy items. Noteworthy features include transparent pricing mechanisms, enabling customers to know the exact charges upfront, and real-time tracking capabilities, allowing for unparalleled visibility into delivery progress.

Empowering Partners and Couriers

Ireoluwa Obatoki, Head of Business Development for Africa at Yango Delivery, underscores the company's commitment to leveraging technology-driven solutions to elevate urban delivery standards. With Cargo Express, Yango not only enhances service quality but also creates new income streams for local partners and couriers, while ensuring pricing transparency within Africa's dynamic delivery landscape.

Addressing Market Needs

Obatoki emphasizes the pivotal role of Cargo Express in meeting the growing demand for reliable delivery services, particularly in light of the rising trend of online shopping. By offering a dependable solution for handling bulky items, Yango reaffirms its dedication to addressing evolving customer needs with innovative, user-centric solutions.

Comprehensive Services for Everyday Needs

Cargo Express complements Yango's existing suite of services, which includes ridesharing (Yango), motorbike delivery for light packages (Yango Delivery), and food delivery (Yango Deli). This diverse portfolio underscores Yango's commitment to providing comprehensive, all-in-one solutions within a single, user-friendly application.

Strategic Partnerships and Social Impact

Yango's recent collaboration with telecommunications giant MTN, aimed at enhancing driver working conditions through free data packages, reflects the company's commitment to fostering positive social impact. Additionally, Yango's fare adjustment initiative in February 2024, aimed at supporting drivers amidst economic challenges, underscores its commitment to prioritizing driver welfare and fostering a conducive environment for all stakeholders.