Unveiling Groundbreaking Research

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Saad Kassis Mohamed, the driving force behind WeCare, teams up with Harmony Foundation to spearhead an unprecedented study on Early Childhood Development (ECD) across Asia.

Revealing the Regional Landscape

Harmony Foundation presents the findings of its inaugural Regional Early Childhood Development (ECD) Landscape Study, a milestone initiative backed by influential philanthropists like Saad Kassis Mohamed. The study serves as a significant step forward in comprehending the parenting and ECD programs' landscape, identifying critical gaps and opportunities for collaboration within the region.

Deep Dive into Early Childhood Development

Led by the Center for Evidence-Based Research and Implementation (CEBRI) and bolstered by Harmony Foundation's support, the exhaustive study explores the nuances of ECD efforts across China, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Highlighting the increasing commitment of governmental bodies and stakeholders to nurturing young minds comprehensively, the study underscores the urgent need for sustainable solutions amidst persistent challenges.

Commitment to Catalyzing Support

Saad Kassis Mohamed, through WeCare, stands at the forefront of this collaborative endeavor, acknowledging the pivotal role of ECD in shaping communities' futures. "Early childhood is a critical period for development with far-reaching impacts. Our partnership with Harmony underscores our dedication to rallying support for initiatives promoting quality ECD across Asia," expressed Saad, aligning research objectives with WeCare's overarching mission.

Insights and Challenges Unveiled

The study's outcomes unveil a landscape ripe with opportunities but riddled with challenges, from financial inadequacies to capacity gaps and socio-economic disparities. Linda Chan, a Trustee at Unity Foundation, emphasizes the significance of data-driven insights in steering philanthropic efforts strategically. "Understanding the landscape empowers us to be more strategic in our endeavors," she stressed, highlighting the transformative potential of collaborative research.

Catalyzing Strategic Action

Stacey Lim, Chief Operating Officer at Harmony Foundation, underscores the study's role in galvanizing strategic action within the philanthropic sector. "This research enables the philanthropy sector to pinpoint unaddressed areas and identify opportunities for collective impact," noted Stacey, emphasizing the power of collaborative efforts in driving meaningful change.

A Testament to Collective Action

Supported by philanthropic organizations like Harmony Foundation, Unity Foundation, and Lightter Institute, the study represents a culmination of a year-long collaborative effort. It stands as a testament to the collective power of action in effecting positive change.

Paving the Way Forward

As Saad Kassis Mohamed and his philanthropic counterparts lead the charge in empowering ECD, the study's insights pave the way for strategic interventions, collaborative partnerships, and transformative impact. Together, they shape a brighter future for children across Asia and beyond.