Sappi Southern Africa, a renowned woodfibre-based products company, has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) 2020 certification for its innovative product, Pelletin. This certification underscores Sappi's commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of animal feed additives, positioning the company as a pioneer in the industry.

The Significance of Lignin

Lignin, a key component derived from wood, plays a crucial role in various industrial and agricultural applications. Sappi Southern Africa harnesses lignin, obtained as a byproduct of the pulping process, to produce Pelletin, an additive used in animal feed manufacturing.

Meeting Stringent Standards

The GMP+ certification is recognized as the most rigorous animal feed certification scheme globally, emphasizing quality assurance and risk management throughout the feed production chain. Sappi's certification for 'Trade in Feed' and 'Production of Feed Additives' highlights its adherence to the highest standards of safety and quality.

Competitive Advantage and Market Impact

Jason Knock, General Manager of Lignin at Sappi Southern Africa, emphasizes the significance of this certification in enhancing Pelletin's competitiveness in the global market. Compliance with stringent standards not only ensures the health and welfare of livestock but also contributes to food safety and security in South Africa.

Driving Sustainability and Innovation

As the demand for sustainable alternatives to oil-based products grows, lignin emerges as a valuable resource. Pelletin, described as a technical lignin, serves as a binder in compound animal feeds, enhancing pellet durability and promoting uniform mixing of feed ingredients.

Commitment to Excellence

Knock expresses gratitude for the dedication of the team at Tugela Mill in achieving this milestone. He reaffirms Sappi's commitment to upholding and enhancing standards to meet customer expectations and build trust in the market.

A Testament to Quality and Safety

Sappi Southern Africa's attainment of the GMP+ certification signifies a landmark achievement in the animal feed industry. With Pelletin's proven safety and quality, Sappi continues to drive innovation and sustainability, setting new benchmarks for feed safety and excellence.