Sappi Southern Africa, a leader in sustainable woodfibre-based resources, has embarked on a transformative renewable energy journey through a groundbreaking Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Enpower Trading. This strategic partnership underscores Sappi's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint while advancing its sustainability objectives.

Aligning with Sustainability Goals

In a significant move towards sustainability, Sappi Southern Africa has entered into a landmark renewable energy PPA with Enpower Trading. This agreement, facilitating the procurement of 175GWh of renewable energy annually, aligns with Sappi's ambitious sustainability targets and Science Based Target (SBTi) objectives. By leveraging renewable energy from SolarAfrica Energy's Sun Central PV project, one of South Africa's largest solar farms, Sappi aims to significantly reduce its Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 6% and 4%, respectively.

Pioneering Renewable Energy Delivery

Scheduled to commence power delivery by the end of December 2025, this five-year PPA marks a pioneering milestone in Sappi's renewable energy journey. By harnessing the abundant solar resources of the Northern Cape, Sappi demonstrates its commitment to embracing sustainable energy solutions and driving positive environmental impact.

Driving Sustainability through Collaboration

Alex Thiel, CEO of Sappi Southern Africa, underscores the company's dedication to enhancing its renewable energy portfolio. Thiel emphasizes that this agreement represents a strategic step towards achieving regional and global sustainability targets, particularly in advancing SDG7: Clean Energy. Through collaborative efforts with sustainable partners, Sappi is poised to lead the way in promoting renewable energy adoption.

Enpower Trading: Revolutionizing the Energy Landscape

Enpower Trading, a NERSA-licensed private electricity trading company, shares Sappi's vision for a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. By partnering with Enpower Trading, Sappi aims to bolster South Africa's electricity supply industry while promoting cleaner, more affordable power solutions. This collaboration holds the potential to diversify the nation's energy mix and foster a competitive energy market.

Addressing Challenges: Navigating the Transition

As Sappi and Enpower Trading embark on this renewable energy journey, they acknowledge the need to address potential challenges. Key considerations include integrating renewable energy into Sappi's manufacturing processes and upgrading metering and billing systems. Through meticulous planning and collaborative problem-solving, both entities are committed to ensuring a seamless transition to renewable energy.