Satgana Ventures, a climate tech venture capital firm, has successfully closed its inaugural fund, securing €8 million ($8.6 million) in commitments from notable investors. With a focus on early-stage startups in Africa and Europe, Satgana Ventures aims to address pressing climate challenges while fostering innovation and resilience in vulnerable communities.

Early Closure Amid Challenging Environment

Despite facing hurdles in fundraising, Satgana Ventures achieved an early closure of its first fund. Founder and General Partner, Romain Diaz, attributed this success to the firm's commitment to supporting portfolio companies amidst a challenging fundraising landscape, particularly for first-time fund managers.

Investment Strategy

Satgana Ventures invests up to €300,000 ($325,000) in startups dedicated to mitigating and adapting to climate change. The firm prioritizes sectors such as mobility, food and agriculture, energy, industry, buildings, and the circular economy, aiming to drive impactful solutions across diverse industries.

Portfolio Highlights

Among Satgana Ventures' notable investments in Africa are Amini, a pioneer in environmental data collection; Mazi Mobility, a Kenyan mobility-as-a-service startup; and Kubik, an Ethiopian company focused on plastic upcycling. In Europe, the firm has backed Orbio Earth, Yeasty, Loewi, Arda, Fullsoon, and Fermify, demonstrating its global reach and diverse portfolio.

Founder's Vision

Romain Diaz, with extensive experience in the venture space across Africa, established Satgana Ventures to address the urgent climate crisis. His vision is to leverage investment capital to drive green growth and innovation, particularly in regions most vulnerable to climate change impacts.

Commitment to Africa

Recognizing Africa's vulnerability to climate change despite its minimal contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, Satgana Ventures is committed to driving green growth and resilience on the continent. The firm recently appointed Anil Maguru as a partner to spearhead its Africa strategy, focusing on renewable energy, low-carbon infrastructure, and climate adaptation solutions.

Satgana Ventures stands at the forefront of climate tech investment, bridging the gap between impactful solutions and capital deployment. With a diverse portfolio spanning Africa and Europe, the firm is poised to drive meaningful change while addressing the urgent challenges posed by climate change.