Nairobi, Kenya, February 1st 2020 – Sauti Sol, Sol Generation Records Limited & Keep Pace Africa
Limited have announced a partnership in which they will introduce to the market Sauti Sol’s first-ever
product, PaceSol. The product is the love child of the band’s love for great audio and Pace’s expertise in
manufacturing brilliant audio hardware.

Tuned by the maestros themselves, PaceSol earbuds deliver
unrivalled sound quality, package in comfortable, easy to wear, water-resistant, Bluetooth buds, which
are trendy, durable and affordable. “We wanted to create a product that sums us up as a group, part
lifestyle, part activewear and part musical excellence.” Bien of Sauti Sol. “PaceSol is a product you can
use anywhere and look good, and not compromise on your listening experience.” Chimano of Sauti Sol.

PaceSol is the first product in a range of future product to come from the partnership, which will
focus on introducing unique but affordable tech products into the region. From audio to wearable to
mobility tech, the partnership is focused on providing global solutions for the African market that are
conceptualized, built and made for Africa by Africans.

This is partnership is a celebration of what African brands can achieve through collaboration. Coupling
Sauti Sol and Sol Generation’s mantra of D.O.P.E (Discipline, Order, Passion and Excellence) and Keep
Your Own Pace of Pace, the purpose of the product is to inspire Africans to make their moves in dope
way while powered by our music, enjoyed through our product.

“Pace is pursuing more sustainable partnerships rather than promotional campaigns. To that end, we
want our Partners to participate in the creative and designing of products. This partnership with Sauti
Sol is a dovetail as we share the same value and passion for delivering meaning experiences. Therefore,
we know that our fans and consumers will enjoy the Pacesol experience.” J Blessing, C.E.O, Keep Pace
Africa Limited.