Secha Capital, an impact investment firm renowned for its focus on growth capital, has recently unveiled an ambitious educational initiative, the Junior Operator-Investor Network (JOIN). This pioneering program is specifically designed to nurture future leaders proficient in business management, operational strategies, and investment practices, positioning them to drive significant growth and innovation across Africa.

The Vision Behind Secha Capital

Founded by a dynamic team of black women, Secha Capital employs an operator-investor model, strategically investing in a diverse array of companies within Southern Africa. These investments predominantly target businesses integrating technology to transition into the sustainable, green economy. In a remarkable achievement last September, Secha Capital secured an initial funding milestone of 300 million South African Rand (approximately 15.7 million US dollars) for its second investment fund, with an ambitious goal of raising a total of 650 million South African Rand (around 34 million US dollars).

Introducing the JOIN Program

The JOIN program is meticulously designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. It offers participants a hands-on learning experience that transcends conventional academic theories, immersing them in the real-world intricacies of building and managing businesses and investments. By leveraging the extensive network and collective expertise of Secha Capital’s investors, entrepreneurs, and industry operators, the JOIN program aims to cultivate a new generation of adept leaders poised to shape Africa’s business future.

A Comprehensive Training Curriculum

What distinguishes the JOIN program is its comprehensive and holistic training curriculum. This curriculum equips participants with a broad array of skills crucial for those in operator-investor roles. It underscores Secha Capital’s commitment to fostering a pool of talented individuals ready to lead, manage, and invest in businesses, particularly in traditional sectors undergoing technological and environmental transformation.

Commitment to Sustainable Growth

Secha Capital’s dedication to sustainability is reflected in its investment choices, focusing on companies advancing into the green economy. The firm’s strategy highlights the importance of environmentally friendly practices and technological integration, ensuring that the businesses they support contribute positively to the sustainable development of the region.

Tebogo Masekwameng’s Perspective

Tebogo Masekwameng, a principal at Secha Capital, expressed the firm’s enthusiasm for the launch of the JOIN program. She emphasized that this initiative represents a strategic move to build a robust community of operator-investors in Africa. These individuals will play a pivotal role in driving business growth and fostering innovation across the continent.

Application and Inaugural Cohort

The JOIN program is currently accepting applications for its inaugural June 2024 cohort. This first group of participants will have the unique opportunity to pioneer the program and benefit from Secha Capital’s extensive resources and network. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply here.