Digital Africa, a renowned investment consortium, proudly announces its partnership with Kwely Inc., a pioneering startup from Senegal, through a strategic investment facilitated by Fuzé. This collaboration signifies a significant leap forward in promoting Made-in-Africa products on the global stage, underlining Kwely's mission to revolutionize the international perception of African merchandise.

Empowering African Entrepreneurs

Founded in early 2020, Kwely Inc. operates as a B2B wholesale distribution channel dedicated to amplifying Made-in-Africa goods. By partnering with local suppliers, Kwely strives to enhance and establish new African brands, positioning them for international export while reshaping global perceptions of African products.

Digital Africa's Support

Amidst economic challenges, Digital Africa distinguishes itself by providing essential support to startups like Kwely Inc. This investment consortium recognizes the pivotal role of e-commerce platforms in showcasing the diversity of African products globally. Birame Sock, Founder and CEO of Kwely, expresses her gratitude for Fuzé's partnership, emphasizing their shared commitment to promoting Made-in-Africa products on a global scale.

Kwely's Holistic Approach

Kwely transcends traditional distribution channels, serving as a vital catalyst for the international visibility and success of premium Made-in-Africa products. The platform's comprehensive strategy includes the development of specialized B2B wholesale transaction platforms and a packaging studio, ensuring compliance with global standards. Additionally, Kwely launched the TEKKI Challenge in Senegal, empowering local enterprises to enhance branding, packaging, and market penetration.

Kwely's Packaging Studio

With the inauguration of its packaging studio, Kwely aims to provide filling and packaging solutions that adhere to stringent international standards, including those of the United States Food and Drug Administration. This initiative underscores Kwely's commitment to quality and its readiness to meet the demands of global markets.

A Milestone Partnership: Fuzé and Digital Africa

The partnership with Fuzé represents a significant milestone for Kwely, reaffirming the global appeal of Made-in-Africa products. As Kwely continues its mission to transform the global perception of African e-commerce, Digital Africa and Fuzé emerge as steadfast allies, dedicated to championing African innovation and entrepreneurship on the world stage.