Empowering Innovation: Helpmum's Ongoing Journey

Nigeria's health technology startup, Helpmum, continues to carve a path of innovation and impact as it proudly announces a substantial $225,000 grant from the esteemed Africa Visionary Fund. The recognition and financial support mark the latest chapter in Helpmum's commendable journey of leveraging technology to reshape healthcare for pregnant women and nursing mothers across the African continent.

Africa Visionary Fund's Generous Grant

In a significant development, Helpmum has secured a $225,000 grant from the Africa Visionary Fund, a testament to the startup's dedication to high-impact solutions in the realm of social entrepreneurship. This financial boost comes as a beacon of support, providing Helpmum with the resources to scale its impactful initiatives further.

Helpmum Selected for Africa Visionary Fund Cohort 4

Beyond the grant, Helpmum has achieved yet another milestone by being chosen as one of the visionary partners in the Africa Visionary Fund's fourth cohort. This recognition places Helpmum among a select group of 12 organizations with a shared commitment to driving positive change in the social entrepreneurship landscape.

A Commitment to Innovation: Helpmum's Visionary Leadership

Dr. Abiodun Adereni, Founder and CEO of Helpmum, expressed his gratitude and excitement about the grant and the opportunity to be part of the fourth cohort. He reiterated Helpmum's commitment to profound innovation, emphasizing the strategic use of cutting-edge technology, particularly artificial intelligence, to shape the future of healthcare for pregnant women and nursing mothers across Africa.

Helpmum's Impactful Journey Continues

As Helpmum takes strides forward, the Africa Visionary Fund's grant and cohort selection serve as a testament to the startup's dedication to impactful solutions in healthcare. Helpmum's journey unfolds with purpose, driven by a vision to positively impact the lives of pregnant women and nursing mothers through innovative, technology-driven healthcare solutions.