Leke Oyetoke, a Nigerian entrepreneur based in Lagos, is the Founder of SIIT - Scholars International Institute Of Technology. This EdTech company operates in the education industry, with a mission to provide self-paced learning and certification in various technology courses, including industrial training for industry experience.

The inspiration behind SIIT stems from the need to make technical education and professional training more accessible, enabling individuals to showcase their talents and advance their careers. SIIT sets itself apart from competitors through its commitment to high-quality education, learning flexibility, and unmatched convenience.

Since its inception in 2015, SIIT has achieved significant milestones, including being nominated for the Excellence in Education and Training Awards in 2023, accepting new members to its Academic Advisory Board, and gaining accreditation from the American Council Of Training & Development in 2023. In 2022, SIIT reached over 67,000 trainees globally and was awarded "Best Delaware Education Companies and Start-ups" by Best Startups USA. In 2021, it was recognized as the "Top Choice Online Technical Institute" by FixThePhoto and commended for training quality by WriteMyEssays.

SIIT offers certified online courses in computing, IT, and technical studies, leading to skills acquisition and professional certification. Their revenue generation and sustainability come from their EdTech business model, supported by non-equity assistance and private investments.

The success stories pouring in from SIIT's students and graduates speak volumes about the effectiveness of their self-paced online training model. SIIT's approach provides multiple study materials for each course, ensuring students gain a comprehensive understanding, both theoretically and practically.

To meet the needs of their target market, SIIT focuses on self-paced learning, flexibility, and convenience. Learners have the freedom to choose when and how they study, tailoring their learning experience to their preferences. This approach has led to increased engagement, motivation, and lifelong learning opportunities.

Challenges such as funding, staffing, and innovation have been overcome through strategic networking, partnerships, and a commitment to providing the best learning experience. SIIT's long-term vision is to continue making technical education and professional training accessible to all.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, Leke Oyetoke offers valuable advice: prioritize discipline, focus, responsibility, continuous learning, true leadership, and faith. Putting these principles into practice can pave the way for success in business and life.