Empowering Entrepreneurs in Somalia

In a region where entrepreneurial opportunities are on the rise, SIMAD University, based in Mogadishu, has emerged as a key player in fostering entrepreneurship. Established in 1999 as a private university, it embarked on a transformative journey five years ago to become an "entrepreneurial university" with a focus on creating social impact. In line with this mission, the university gave birth to SIMAD iLab, a tech hub that has made substantial strides within a short span.

Cultivating a Startup Ecosystem

SIMAD iLab quickly became a pillar of Somalia's startup ecosystem. With nearly 50 startups incubated under its wing, the hub has played a pivotal role in nurturing homegrown innovation. These startups, collectively, have raised over US$500,000, a noteworthy achievement in an emerging ecosystem. SIMAD iLab manages a micro-finance fund of US$3 million, made possible through support from DirectAid.

An Expansive Vision

Building on its success, SIMAD iLab has embarked on an ambitious expansion plan to further support budding entrepreneurs. The expansion includes the establishment of an innovation theater, a creative digital studio, an executive space, and a dedicated area for startups and Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs). These additions are poised to be instrumental in fueling innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial growth in Somalia.

A Transformation Beyond Expectations

Dr. Dahir Hassan, the rector of SIMAD University, expressed enthusiasm about the profound transformation initiated by SIMAD iLab. He noted that the impact and achievements within just five years exceeded expectations. The expansion is a direct response to the growing demand among Somali youth to broaden the reach and capabilities of SIMAD iLab. With optimism, the university believes that this tech hub will continue to empower the country's youth and play a crucial role in addressing the unemployment crisis.

Pioneering Innovation in Somalia

As a pioneering force for innovation and entrepreneurship in Somalia, SIMAD iLab stands at the forefront of creating opportunities for young entrepreneurs. With its extended facilities and unwavering commitment to social impact, it aspires to be a driving force in reducing unemployment and fostering sustainable growth in the country. The expansion not only reflects the impact made thus far but also signals a promising future for the Somali startup landscape.