According to research conducted in Kenya, 2 in every 5 Kenyan adults have started or worked in a restaurant. Yet many Kenyans are ignorant when it comes to important tips required to set up and run a successful restaurant.

No one wants to run a failing restaurant. These tips are helpful to anyone intending to start and run a successful restaurant not only in Kenya but in any part of the world:

Always Over-estimate your capital requirements

A lot of restaurant owners start with cash in reserve and start blowing it because they think the initial phase will last forever. This makes most restaurants to run bankrupt during the first 3 years of their establishment. Always be keen on every expenditure you make during the business’ initial stages. And it’s important to ensure you have enough savings for any emergencies that may arise in starting and running the business.

Always be careful to ensure the initial success does not get to your head.

Always start with a great chef

No restaurant can succeed without a great chef and a great location. This should be your target before you start the business. When choosing the chef to work with, always ensure he/she matches your concept so as to avoid constant “drama” at work.

Also ensure your restaurant is easily accessible by your potential clients. Avoid going into this business with “destination restaurant” mindset. Fast casual restaurants are booming in Kenya because they are easily accessible at all levels.

Be ready to learn and teach others new ideas

Always incorporate new ideas into your menu and offer unique meals in your restaurant. First, before you set up a restaurant, ensure you get sufficient training on pros and cons of running a restaurant business including each and every detail associated with this field.

Always remember, doing something new is inspiring. Helping to shape the menu is Inspiring as well. Everyone loves new dishes!

Never be cheap where guests are concerned

The money that you spent in adding value to the guests is the most important money that you spent. Don’t settle for buying cheap equipment, desserts etc. This is because everything touching the guest is important.

Always make sure you spend as much money as possible on the customer experience. This is a great way of promoting your brand and your business.

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