In a significant stride towards global hunger alleviation, Sizani Foods, a prominent manufacturer of nutritious foods for feeding schemes and aid organizations, proudly announces a remarkable milestone - providing daily sustenance to 250,000 children. Through the supply of nutritious instant porridges and other food items, Sizani Foods is creating a positive impact on aid organizations and beneficiaries, showcasing the effectiveness of its unique social enterprise model.

Founding Vision

Established in 1995 by visionary founder Brian Moore, Sizani Foods emerged as a manufacturer and distributor of basic food products, playing a pivotal role in supporting South Africa's welfare nutrition programs. Over the years, the company has evolved with a steadfast commitment to reducing global hunger by providing superior-quality food at an affordable cost, thereby empowering feeding schemes.

Addressing Nutritional Needs at Scale

Sizani Foods currently focuses on manufacturing and supplying aid organizations primarily in Southern Africa with its instant fortified maize porridges. These porridges meet 80% of the Recommended Daily Allowances for over 23 essential micronutrients per serving. The company, with its monthly deliveries to over 1100 sites, extends its impact beyond borders by supplying specialized, nutritionally fortified food to international feeding projects.

A Journey of Growth and Impact

Sizani Foods has undergone a transformative journey since its humble beginnings:

- 1995-2000: Expanded to supply over 600 preschools in Soweto, acquired SUNSOW FOODS, and relocated to a new farm in Muldersdrift.

- 2002: Specialized in feeding schemes, introducing products such as cooldrink powder, jelly powder, porridges, and soya-based items.

- 2010: Launched the MELSI BRAND, a range of high-end, low-cost fortified food products, which quickly became a standard in feeding schemes.

- 2011-2015: Expanded operations into Africa and merged with Haticam Foods, enhancing its market presence.

- 2016: Moved to a larger production facility in Kyalami Business Park, retrofitted for expanding contract manufacturing services.

- 2019: Acquired a second production plant, initiated manufacturing for major retail brands, and achieved Level 1 BBBEE.

- 2023: Commenced supplying 220 South African Government schools with daily meals, feeding 94,000 children per day through the National School Nutrition Programme.

Awards and Recognition

In 2019, Sizani Foods received a 51% stake acquisition from HL Holdings, bringing in directors with extensive experience. The company achieved GFSI Food Certification and played a vital role during the COVID-19 lockdown by supplying relief food to millions through its feeding scheme partners.

A Commitment to Global Impact

Sizani Foods remains steadfast in its mission to combat hunger, emphasizing quality, innovation, and social responsibility. The company's commitment to reducing global hunger remains unwavering, as evidenced by its achievements, partnerships, and ongoing efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need.