In a significant stride towards amplifying its presence in Africa, The Orchard, a Sony Music Entertainment-owned distribution and artist services company, welcomes Lanre Masha as the Director, West Africa. Masha, a seasoned professional with a rich background in the music industry, is poised to lead the expansion efforts, steering the company's operations in West Africa with a focus on distribution expertise, strategic releases, and dedicated regional support.

Lanre Masha Takes the Baton

Formerly the General Manager of Music for Trace Media, Masha brings a wealth of experience to his role at The Orchard. Tasked with establishing and fortifying the company's footprint in West Africa, Masha's leadership is expected to enhance the company's engagement with artists and label clients across the region.

Lagos Welcomes The Orchard's Nigerian Office

As part of its expansion strategy, The Orchard is gearing up to establish its Nigerian office in Lagos. Masha, in his capacity as Director, West Africa, will report to Prashant Bahadur, EVP, Head of Strategy, and collaborate closely with Ben Oldfield, VP, Market Development for Africa.

A Dynamic Portfolio

Already making waves, Masha has strategically expanded The Orchard's teams with notable signings from French-speaking West Africa and Ghana. Ghanaian hip-hop duo R2Bees, boasting nearly 432,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, is among the newly signed artists. The roster also includes acclaimed names such as Nigerian gospel artist Ty Bello, Afro-fusion artist MUIS, Afro-pop sensation YKB, and Port Harcourt's Melodi.

The Orchard's Global Expansion Vision

Masha's appointment aligns with The Orchard's commitment to global music expansion. His expertise and strategic vision position The Orchard as a key player in fostering relationships within the African Diaspora. The company's global network, coupled with Masha's insights, aims to bring West African talent to a worldwide audience.

Lanre Masha's Perspective

In his reflection on the new role, Masha highlights West Africa's evolution as a global music leader. He envisions The Orchard's cutting-edge technology, global network, and entrepreneurial spirit as pivotal in supporting artists and sustaining a global music business. Masha expresses eagerness to collaborate with the team in showcasing the rich talent of West Africa to the world.

Nurturing Long-Term Relationships in Africa

Prashant Bahadur, EVP, Head of Strategy at The Orchard, emphasizes the company's decade-long investment in the musically rich African Diaspora. With Masha on board, The Orchard seeks to extend its footprint, fostering long-term relationships, and offering tailored solutions sensitive to the diverse needs of the region.

As The Orchard expands its footprint in Africa, the appointment of Lanre Masha marks a pivotal moment in the company's journey. The orchestrated collaboration between Masha and The Orchard promises not only to redefine the West African music scene but also to contribute significantly to the global musical tapestry.