A Vision Born out of Personal Struggle

In 2014, South African entrepreneur Ryan Naicker embarked on a mission that stemmed from a personal struggle with Psoriasis. At age 26, he founded RN & Son, a symbolic name representing his collaboration with his father. The initial challenge of being perceived as a "no-name" 26-year-old founder without financial backing fueled the birth of a company that later evolved into RN Liquids. Naicker's vision was clear—to create cost-effective products with a first-class look and feel, changing lives across various industries under the umbrella of the RN Group of Companies.

The RN Group's Mission, Vision, and Core Values

The RN Group stands on the pillars of hydration, aiming to create products that solve dehydration challenges within the personal care, home care, beverages, and lubricants and oils industries. The mission is rooted in changing lives by providing cost-effective yet high-quality solutions. Core values include a commitment to natural inputs, a focus on innovation, and a dedication to social responsibility.

Diverse Product Portfolio

The RN Group's product offerings span across various categories:

Hair Care

- Hair Food

- Hair Food Herbal

- Moisture Boost Moisturiser Oils

- Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioners

Body Care

- Pet Jelly infused with Rose oils

- Aquaeous cream

- Body Cream

- Shower Gel

Home & Hygiene

- Hand Soap with essential oils

- Skin sanitizers with essential oils

- Dishwashing Liquid with essential oils

- General all-purpose cleaner

- Window and Glass cleaner


- High Foam shampoo

- Hydrating Tyre Detailer

- Hydrating interior detailer


- Mineral-rich purified water

Business Model: Navigating from Creation to Delivery

The RN Group's revenue generation and profitability hinge on a meticulous business model:

1. Create a product

2. Develop a prototype

3. Present to the market

4. Obtain preorders (own brand, private label, and contract pack)

5. Plan raw materials targeting volume discount quantities

6. Present proforma invoices (payment before production)

7. Produce and supply stock

8. Manage customer post-sale

9. Focus on repeat orders

Target Market and Customer-Centric Approach

With a focus on the African market, RN Group serves the lower LSM (Living Standards Measure) segment. Targeted distribution is a key strategy, partnering with distributors that supply products into retail and wholesale channels focusing on the middle to lower end markets.

Grassroots Innovation and Natural Inputs

The RN Group's unique value lies in its grassroots approach to innovation. In the early stages, production commenced in a 30sqm basement facility, where a group of keen ladies from the local township, eager to upskill themselves, became an integral part of the company. The emphasis on natural inputs differentiates RN Group from competitors, focusing on every product's core attribute—hydration.

Milestones and Achievements: A Testament to Resilience

Ryan Naicker's journey with the RN Group has been marked by resilience and significant milestones:

- 2014: Business registered; developed First Class brand and Hair Food range

- 2015: Began trading with local retailers and wholesalers; faced a business robbery

- 2016: Stock stolen; business closed

- 2017: Raised debt to restart; changed name to RN Liquids; increased distribution nationally and exported to the SADC region

- 2018: Reopened RN Plastics; specializing in packaging for RN Liquids

- 2019-2021: Navigated through challenges of covid, floods, and riots; diversified product categories

- 2022: Named Youth Business of the Year in Manufacturing KZN; won Entrepreneurship Perseverance award at SEDA

- 2023: Named in the Top 40 under 40 CEOs in Africa

The RN Group's Hair Food range has emerged as a flagship product, impacting lives by addressing scalp issues and boosting self-confidence. Positive feedback attests to the success of this product. Additionally, essential oils integrated into home & hygiene products have garnered commendation for leaving the skin hydrated and imbuing a natural aroma.

Resilience in the Face of Adversity

RN Group faced challenges ranging from business robbery and stock theft to the disruptions caused by floods, riots, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Through resilience, strategic pivots, and a focus on innovation, the company overcame these hurdles.

Making a Difference

RN Group's commitment to sustainability includes converting waste PET into filament for 3D printing and supporting initiatives that convert PET bottles into poly woven shopper carrier bags. Social responsibility initiatives involve constant education for the team, providing healthy eating options, and supplying water to areas in need.

Long-Term Vision: A Commitment to Upliftment and Growth

Ryan Naicker's long-term vision for RN Group extends beyond operational excellence. He envisions growing into property, focusing on venture capitalism, and nurturing a foundation where driven individuals can find careers and uplift their lives.

In conclusion, RN Group of Companies stands as a beacon of innovation, resilience, and social impact, with Ryan Naicker at the helm, steering the company towards a future defined by growth, empowerment, and a commitment to making a positive difference in the world.