KaraboAI Launch

MobileGPT, a South African tech startup founded by Bertha Khokong, has launched KaraboAI, an innovative platform designed to simplify the creation of intelligent, feature-rich chatbots. Building on the company's initial success with a WhatsApp application powered by the GPT-4 engine, KaraboAI offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet diverse chatbot needs.

Evolution of MobileGPT

MobileGPT initially gained recognition with its WhatsApp application that enabled users to access a personal AI assistant on the go. The startup's participation in the second edition of the GrindstoneX programme last year further bolstered its reputation. Building on this foundation, KaraboAI marks the next step in MobileGPT's journey, expanding its offerings to a wider array of chatbot services.

Features and Integrations

KaraboAI provides an extensive range of chatbot functionalities, including generating quotes, scheduling appointments, conducting sales through WooCommerce, collecting data, and managing data rooms. This platform is designed to cater to various business needs, making it a versatile tool for different industries.

One of the standout features of KaraboAI is its seamless integration with widely-used tools such as Google Calendar, WhatsApp, WooCommerce, and WordPress. This integration ensures that businesses can easily manage their chatbot services within their existing workflows, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

Meeting Client Demands

The development of KaraboAI was heavily influenced by feedback from clients across South Africa. During interactions with clients about MobileGPT, a common request emerged for a platform that would allow businesses to create their own intelligent AI chatbots for internal operations and customer support.

Founder’s Vision

Bertha Khokong highlighted the client-driven approach in the creation of KaraboAI. "We traveled around the country talking to clients about MobileGPT, we listened to their needs, and the common thread across most engagements with clients was that people wanted to create their own MobileGPT, their own smart intelligent AI chatbot for internal use, client support, etcetera. So we created exactly that. Now everyone can create their own MobileGPT, in a way, because our chatbots can also be launched on WhatsApp," said Khokong.